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Meineke - Doing Car Care Right

 Open on a doctor’s office where a man is sitting on examining table while nurse is humming and working with supplies.


“Mr. Sneeb, let’s have a look. Ooooooh, whole arm’s busted. Only option is to replace it.”



“You got it!”

Doctor comes in and greets man.


“This scratch?”

Cut to man looking down at his arm in disbelief as nurse pulls out cutting tool.

Voice Over

“Unncessary repairs don’t fly outside a repair shop.”

Text appears on screen: Unnecessary repairs don’t fly outside a repair shop.

Meineke Technician

“Hey John, welcome back!”


Voice Over

“They shouldn’t fly inside one.”

Cut to inside of Meineke Car Care Center

Voice Over

“With Meineke eInspection reports, you’ll know the issue and the fix.”

Meineke Technician points to brake pads and shows the man his vehicle inspection report. The man still has an X on his arm from doctor’s office.

Voice Over

“Engine. Brakes. Tires. Oil”

Cut to overhead shot of a tool drawer with services listed.

Voice Over

“Meineke. Doing car care right.”

Tool drawer closes revealing Meineke logo