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Meineke #2473 Reviews

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Even though I live about 30 minutes away, I will come back to this location. I have lived in Florida for 8 years and this is the first mechanic I have found here that doesn't talk to me like I'm an idiot because I'm a woman. It may not be something the employees even realize they are doing, but I sincerely appreciate being talked to like I'm a competent adult. I noticed they treated the other women in the shop that day the same way. Thank you so much! I may not be an expert about my car but I'm also not an idiot. Very happy to have found a place after 8 years of frustration!
- Verified Meineke Customer

Meineke #2473 Land O Lakes


2632 Land O Lakes Boulevard

Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (813) 527-0006

Additional Reviews

Even though I live about 30 minutes away, I will come back to this location. I have lived in Florida for 8 years and this is the first mechanic I have found here that doesn't talk to me like I'm an idiot because I'm a woman. It may not be something the employees even realize they are doing, but I sincerely appreciate being talked to like I'm a competent adult. I noticed they treated the other women in the shop that day the same way. Thank you so much! I may not be an expert about my car but I'm also not an idiot. Very happy to have found a place after 8 years of frustration!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Walk in --needed rotors turned. John, I believe it was, was very personable on the phone prior to my visit and matched competitor's price for labor provided. Time was of the essence--John got the job done for me! Thanks!
- Steve F.
I came in to have exhaust work done. These guys did great. They knew what I wanted and made it happen.
- Charles H.
It is always a pleasure doing bussiness with John and his crew !!!!!
- Gary G.
They discussed what was going to be needed done but that it wasn't an immediate thing... I felt that they were being very honest and I need someone I can depend on to give me straight answers about the vehicle. He came highly recommended! They even offered free sodas, coffee and snacks while we waited. That was a first!!!
- Ann S.
Advanced Auto Parts checked my car battery for me because the battery light came on. After checking, I was told the alternator was bad. I was initially going to drive the car to Honda in Wesley Chapel, but Advanced Auto Parts said the car may quit running while I was driving to the dealership. It was suggested by the person who performed the analysis to take my car to Meineke and John who works there is really good. Since Meineke was right down the highway from Advanced Auto Parts, I accepted the suggestion. I was very happy that Meineke was so close to home and was able to fix my car that day. I was also happy that a new alternator was installed in my vehicle and the warranty included. John helped me and as I was told, he was very helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! An added note - had a new air-conditioner installed in my vehicle last year and it was not cooling as well as I had expected. Once I got the new alternator installed, the air-conditioner works much better now.
- Verified Meineke Customer
My experience was great.
- Arun S.
Great customer service from Jim
- Leslie G.
John, very professional, I trusted him
- Andy D.
Staff is very friendly and considerate.
- Season C.
Manager was very helpful and knowledgeable. A++ Service.
- Luigi B.
Justin was great evaluating what was needed and what was not. Came up with a fair price and had me on my way in just over an hour.
- Todd B.
Very nice staff.
- Brenda Ga.
Justin is very helpful and the guys are all awesome.
- Peter M.
In and out service, very knowledgeable staff and very clean shop/showroom.
- Justin T.
The mechanic answered all of my questions about the maintenance that I needed done. He also made things very clear and understandable and because he was so honest and gave me such a clear breakout of the prices involved, I've decided to get my maintenance and repairs done there. I wish all mechanics were like the ones I met at Meineke :)
- Joy K.
I appreciate the call to recommend other services and the honesty on how long I can wait to have them completed if I can't afford them that day.
- Jennifer N.
Tony is simply amaaaaaazing. His knowledge, professionalism, and expertise is stellar. He goes above and beyond to assure service is nothing short of stellar.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Great team to work with.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The manager there was very accommodating I'm sorry I can't remember his name.
- Bill D.
Everyone was efficient. They consulted with me with recommendations. The waiting room is very comfortable Having coffee and sodas does not hurt either
- Peter T.
I cannot state strongly enough how important honesty is to me. I felt I was being treated in an honest and fair manner.
- Richard L.
Staff always makes you feel welcomed. Never feel any pressure to perform recommended services. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. My son and I both service our cars there and trust them totally.
- Joseph T.
My first trip to this location since they opened. John was great and easy to work with. In and out in about 90 minutes for oil and rotation on a Saturday without an appointment.
- Darren K.
The estimate I received was 1 hour, and it took 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete the job. Great job! The service technician at the front counter was very professional and explained everything well. Loved that the repair technician left a bottle of water in my car when he finished the service.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The customer service was outstanding, the facilities were extremely clean, the free snacks and drinks were a nice surprise, and the honest recommendations of the owner is a greatly appreciated in a time where many only want to make quick buck.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Did a great job and everyone so nice and it was so clean !It was a pleasure
- Katie L.
The store I go to is run by manager John who I trust, straight shooters and will not try to sell you everything in the store as other places. Trust level is what takes me back to this store.
- Bill S.
John and his team are very professional and as a woman I can trust them to take care of my car and my kids cars.
- Christie Z.
I can't remember the customer service representatives names that always help me but it was their knowledge of my vehicle to pinpoint the repair the first time versus some of the other repair shops that wanted to do different types of inspections and charge me for them. It was that, along with their professionalism that brought me back and has kept me coming back. Honesty goes a long way with me even if it means paying higher price. When I take a look at my invoices the writers initials of the last three are JAT and JCC.
- Darryl M.
john does what he promises; completed in the estimated time. the shop was well kept, the equipment looked rather new. based on my first two visits, i am planning on making john and his guys my "car guys"
- Jim T.
This process started December of last year. John kept all our emails and estimates as I took a ton of time to make this decision. I did shop around but no one else treated me like I was about to spend $1,000 with them. He has taken care of my Jeep and Land Rover and I trust them. Thanks to John and his team.
- Bruce L.
All was done very well ! John, and his crew are the BEST ! I am always recommending Meineke to all the people I know and meet. I TRUST THEM !!!!
- Gary G.
About 15 years ago when I lived in Lee's Summit MO I called around to get estimates on mufflers and it just so happened that Meineke had the best offer plus a coupon. This particular Meineke was run by Mike & Mike and due to the customer service and quality of work I always took my car there for a new muffler when it was needed. I had a few other issues over time regarding noise and Mike & Mike were always extremely helpful and explained everything in detail. I've since moved to Florida and it was recently time for a new muffler so I sought out Meineke again and at the Land O'Lakes location I met Justin and John. I was treated in the same way at this new location as my old one and any question I asked was met with an honest answer and an understandable explanation. I had made my appointment online the night before so I didn't expect to get in so quickly but within 2 hours all was done. I was able to do work on my laptop in the nice and clean lobby that provided quality refreshments. If I had known the options beforehand I wouldn't have stopped for coffee before I got there. I would say my favorite thing about both locations is being able to talk and work with the owner and shake his hand after the work is performed. It means a lot when a person looks you in the eye shakes your hand and truly shows that they appreciate your business. Well done.
- Matt C.
This was my first visit to Meineke. Was impressed with the service, courtesies, and cleanliness of the area. I have a friend who does mechanical work on my car, and that is why I declined the recommendations.
- Verified Meineke Customer
They're very honest with me about what services I need for my vehicle, and which ones can wait until a later time. I chose this store because they had a very high rating on Yelp, and I can see why that's the case. Very good, honest crew working at that shop and as long as they're being honest with me, I'll continue to give them my business.
- Joy K.
I was pleased with the service from the staff in Land O lakes. I did not ask their names but they are very efficient and professional.
- Mark S.
The employees are always courteous and my truck is always ready when they say it will be.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Everything....It was like dealing with very good friends....
- Dino K.
Fast service and efficient
- Ed M.
The work was completed efficiently and the staff is knowledgeable.
- Paul R.
The lobby was very clean and the people there were so friendly and really made me feel comfortable. No pressure sale tactics. Will definitely be back. Thank you!
- Verified Meineke Customer
John is always professional and suggests any necessary services the customer needs to stay safe on the road.
- Kathryn G.
John was extremely personable and very knowledgeable about everything
- Barry W.
friendly team . in and out quickly .
- Verified Meineke Customer
Justin & John are always great to deal with. Under promise & over deliver. I also like the follow up call the day after the service.
- August G.
It was a great experience. The best thing they did was communicate. Whether in the store or by phone. Cannot express how valuable that is for a time sensitive person. I will recommend that location to everyone I know.
- Bruce L.
I was trying to get a simple TPMS sensor swapped out. I was going to take my car to Tires Choice but when i called i felt the gentleman i spoke to was very rude. All i simply asked was my wife once got the same thing done i have the same TPMS sensor I wanna make sure you will charge $25 to replace it as she did last time. he simply told me i dunno what she got charged last time but im gonna charge you $65 . I called Justin at Meineke and the conversation intially was so pleasant i decided to take my car there. Once i got there within 2 minutes he was able to tell me that i was correct and it did not need to be reprogrammed. Than asked me what i thought was fair to replace it. He still did better than that! Highly recommended these guys know what they are doing.
- Salraise S.
service man was very polite but your coupons and advertisements need clarification.....the price is always hide fees in the fine print......Id ratther have full disclosure up front.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Friendly and honest service. Very clean waiting room. Free water/soft drinks. Fast service. Knowledgeable staff.
- Mike T.
All the Guys there are terrific but Jon goes out of his way for all his customers !
- Gary G.
Fast friendly service as always. I trust this location to always do things right for me.
- Bob G.
John Coffield was knowledgeable, courteous and addressed the needs of a working man needing his auto fixed on HIS schedule,not the vendors. I needed my auto aligned , and work 7-3, he made sure I was accommodated at 4 PM. Late by most shops standards.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I don't like places I go and constantly have something recommended that really doesn't make since or follow the manufacture recommendation. I also listened to them recommend something to every other customer beyond what would be routine, like filters, wiper blades and such. To unacknowledged customers I think they are being taken advantage of and it's really not fair. They should not have that many recommendations for vehicles.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff is always courteous and accommodating to my busy schedule
- Verified Meineke Customer
The mannerism of John at the front desk is great, he is friendly, courteous and helpful. Took great great care of me and the mechanic too was great!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I came in for a wheel bearing replacement. The price was very fair, staff were very professional, and the repair was completed on time. There was no attempted upsell, which was great. All in all, will definitely return if I need any additional repairs.
- Michael W.
Justin is friendly and courteous. Set the expectation for new tires install and exceeded the time to finish by 2 hours. Always conversational and pleasant to work with.
- Verified Meineke Customer
John and Justin are exceptionally knowledgable and reliable in the information they provide. John is an excellent franchisee and should be a model of customer service to your other stores.
- Derek S.
I go to this location for small jobs and large repairs. I've never once been disappointed or left unhappy after the service has been completed. The owner, manager, and employees are all knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. The waiting room and work bays are very clean, and, you are given updates on the status of the work being performed. While all that is great, the best reason of all is that I trust them completely.
- Bob G.
Great staff members. Great mechanics. Owner John Coffield very helpful and knowledgeable.
- Lee R.
I want to thank John and his entire staff. I send my son there to service the Jeep and everything is always taken care of. They treat him very well and always provide excellent service. They should be commended for the service provided.
- Bruce L.
Nice to find capable mechanics at affordable prices!
- Pamela B.
Great service and clean environment !!
- Jack M.
John was wonderful to work with and they took the car in right away.
- Verified Meineke Customer
They take responsible for what they are doing. Good job.
- Verified Meineke Customer
My visit was greeted by welcoming management and I got my car serviced fast. I was able to schedule the service wit no complications and my car is running smoothly.
- Haley T.
Everyone is very friendly and manager offers choices for service not just a standard answer.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I knew what the problem was before sending my car to meineke. However, once i told them and gave them the tools to fix it, they did not need my tools and fixed it fairly quickly. I am patient though so time doesn't phase me. Otherwise, great customer service. The guy at the front was very helpful. Smiling faces so early in the morning too!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Everybody is friendly, they are always willing tol answer any questions or help put your spare back in its place
- Dino K.
Super great customer service, on time with projected completion of service and most importantly I did not feel pressured to purchase any additional maintenance.
- Pamela W.
John is a great guy and always takes care of my card
- Verified Meineke Customer
Honest owner. Good employees . Get things done rather fast. Been there multiple times and don't feel screwed. Will be back.
- Mark W.
Always professional, friendly, and reliable service. I trust them with my vehicles completely. They do everything right the first time.
- Robert G.
Did a great job at timely manner and very good pricing.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The work was done according to quote and on time. Everyone working there was nice to deal with.
- Verified Meineke Customer
they never try to sell me anything I don't need.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The store was very clean and the man that helped me was very nice and was not pushy on buying extra things. He also made me aware to start looking at tires for my car since mine are getting a little older. Very nice people and atmosphere.
- Emily C.
Lots of places offer car repair, but their waiting rooms are dirty and uncomfortable. Yours are very nice and clean, with comfy chairs and free snacks and beverages. That makes Meineke a better choice.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Very nice and friendly. Very good explanation of what they are doing. You can see them working on the cars from the waiting room. Very honest and not upselling everything.
- Isismayy S.
John was friendly and listened to what I wanted done on my car. He explained everything very well.
- Marie R.
Owner takes the time to explain things to me and gives his honest opinion on vehicle. It is so nice to have someone I can trust.
- Ambre K.
This is in the top 3 of auto repair shops that I have ever used in 25 years. John (the owner) runs a reputable and honest business. He has serviced many cars for me in the last 5 years. His second opinion has saved me thousands when dealerships were recommending major repairs from misdiagnosis.
- David L.
Great service, fast, the employees were nice. You get in the car after service and they left a nice cold water in the cup holder.
- Virginia P.
John (manager/owner) immediately greated me and gave me an accurate time frame of when the work would be done.
- Jane M.
Every time I go in, I am given fast quality service, treated with respect, and, given a fair price for the services performed.
- Robert G.
Meineke treats me with tespect. professionally every time with a clean rest room, waiting room and free beverages/snacks. The work is done right.
- Jeremy D.
Because they care about their customers and are reliable and honest.
- Patty H
Staff was very friendly. They explained every step & I was given the choice to prioritize the work that was required.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I've never stopped at a Meineke in my life..and my first experience was beyond amazing..they took care of me and my needs..customer service was beyond five star and the little touch of putting a bottle of water in my car was the cherry on top..I'll be definitely be coming back here for all of my car needs..John Wainwright got a good thing going there
- Verified Meineke Customer
Been going regularly for over a year and I love the service, prices, honest integrity, friendliness, comfy waiting area with complimentary snacks/drinks. But most recently they went above and beyond, by fixing some repairs that were found/diagnosed by a competitor...and they beat the price by half, and even gave me a ride to my house so they could get started right away and finished with such quick turn around time!!! Happy Customer!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I enjoy the service i receive at the Land O Lakes Meineke, everyone is super friendly. Decent Prices.
- Verified Meineke Customer
From promptly answering the phone to make my appointment, to explaining my repairs, they were totally professional. I have found my new repair shop!
- Linda R
Prompt service and excellent pricing. I would come back in a minute for anything they do.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The service is always great! The staff are always very helpful.
- Ann S
Good prices. Always friendly. Honest evaluation of the work that needs to be done without padding the bill with unnecessary items
- Verified Meineke Customer
Fast, efficient service. Also, the customer-focued amenities, like a cleaned and organized waiting room. They also go the "extra mile" with nice things such as a bottle of water after service and free coffee, soda, and snacks in the waiting room.
- Verified Meineke Customer
They seem honest and are comparable to other auto repair shops.
- Darius H.
They were able to fit me in between appointments and made me feel like they were honest and cared about the customer.
- Patricia R.
Very courteous and the waiting area is really nice. Didn't try to upsell me junk. Very honest and kind. Will be back
- Verified Meineke Customer

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