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Meineke #2656 Reviews

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Really like cindy...and her staff. Really happy our friend recommended this shop
- Gwen C.

Meineke #2656 Las Vegas


3186 S Nellis Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89121-2010

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (702) 545-6821

Additional Reviews

Really like cindy...and her staff. Really happy our friend recommended this shop
- Gwen C.
- Sandra N.
Very good staff. Very informative.
- Rana G.
Was straight to the point.
- Rana G.
Cindy had wonderful customer service and was very helpful.
- Desirae M.
The entire staff was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and professional. The store was as clean as a hospital operating room. I felt like I was a family member while I was there. A very big difference from other shops. I WILL be going back again.
- Jim L.
Head Mechanic was very knowledgeable and diagnosed the problem quickly.
- Robert Mi.
I took my car to your shop about a leak, thinking that it's going to cost me an arm and a leg, your tech informed me that all i need was a new cap. I was very happy about that and the car has not leaked since.
- Larry H.
They all were very helpful and knowledgeable.
- Kevin Ga.
Very friendly staff.
- Rosie T.
Well I went for a simple oil change and Ken discovered I had sub frame damage. My car had been hit a couple of weeks prior while it was parked. If it wasn't for Ken, I would have never known of the damage.
- Octavia B.
Amazing staff went over and above the service required for my car.
- Niena R.
Cindy is very professional and she is one of the best at what she does
- Marketah L.
I was happy with the quickness that were able to get in and out. The lady that helped us was very polite and congenial.
- Verified Meineke Customer
They explained the work until I fully understood it. This made me fill comfortable about getting repairs with them. They were trustworthy.
- Dolly R.
Cindy is super nice & helpful & the mechanics are all very knowledgeable.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Was well taken care of by staff.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Staff is friendly, knowledgeable & honest. Prices are very reasonable.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Eveb though i was only there for a oil change they still Let me know what was wrong with my car
- Barbara B.
Gave me a fair price and suggested the best options to keep my car in top shape. I have several BMW's soI like that the mechanic use to work for BWM
- Albert T.
my fan that cool the motor it do not get hot and i will be back to have a tune up so what i am saiding is i will be there when ì need car care you are A 10
- Verified Meineke Customer
My car was stuck on the freeway so I towed to meineke. Kenny took care of me he inspected the car . Fixed the problem and did alignment and change the tire. Quickly And efficient. Great service thank u Yosi
- Yosef .
Ken & lady that works at the desk. Ken was honest and gave me options as to if to fix it. If we fix it this way then such & such will happen and if we fix it this way such & such will happen.
- Beverly P.
I'm not sure of the names. But I was extremely appreciative of the service that was given. I had a flat tire and the head mechanic went out of his way to give me exceptional service. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart
- Christina M.
I have a '93 olds Cutlass that was blowing hot air with the A/C on. They evacuated my A/C system. Then they added Freon oil and dye. I went back a few days later for the black lite test . No leaks. A/C now cools like new. Job well done.
- Melvin P.
Great customer service, kept me informed, was done in a more timely manner than I expected. Very friendly and took amazing care of me!
- Rebecca E.
Every time I come and assume the worse I would call and they always say we'll bring it in and we'll take a look for you with no charge. And when I get my oil changes done they also go above and beyond to check out everything else that may be of concern. So today I thought I needed an air compressor and Dan the lead mechanic insisted to bring it in for an ac inspection which is free of charge because he problem could be minor. So I brought it in just to find out that I needed only an ac recharge which saved me lots of money. Every time I visit I always am satisfied with the service from both Dan and Cindy the receptionist. I will continue to get my car repairs done here because I am always served with the highest quality of my car services and future services on what's next and I'll what I should look out for, I mean my expertise goes beyond a transactional service. So I'm happy overall with meineke. Thank you!!!
- Breanna S.
MEINEKE replaced a terrible auto service that I refused to go to. So it's great to see this service and will go to when I need my next service
- Stan K.
Very honest service center. I had quotes for as high as $345 for a auto trans filter & fluid change that Meineke does for $99. Also, the lube change in the differentials and transfer case was 1/2 the cost that I paid in Casa Grande, AZ. Service was fast and all of the staff was courteous.
- James C.
Your staff is always Amazing. I had issues with Meinikee at another location and said I would never go back. One day my car stalled in the shopping center and Mei ekee staff helped me get her going. So when I had an issue I figured I would try based of their recent kindness. I always feel they explain everything to me what needs to ne done and the best price. This has now been my go to shop.
- Cimk N.
From the moment I stepped through the doors of Meineke on Nellis street in Las Vegas Nevada, I was greeted by the friendly staff which made me feel they cared about each client. I was told the permanent air filter needed cleaning but because it was not my car, I did not have it done. The information she gave me was passed on to the owner who lives in California. He thoroughly appreciated the information and immediately had it cleaned. After my oil change, my vehicle was checked by the service mechanic making sure it was running as smooth as when I came in. KUDOS to this location!
- Verified Meineke Customer
My car had the shakes (literally). I explained the situation to Ken the mechanic and he said it may be an engine problem. He gave it once over and showed me the parts that caused the problem. Quoted me a price and ask if I still wanted him to proceed. He completed the job and said "it's running like a totally different car."
- Asha J.
They checked my battery and didn't charge me for the service.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The head mechanic in my opinion went way above and beyond to be very helpful and I cannot express adequately in words my deep appreciate.
- Rev. Roderick C D.
The professionalism service and speed of service was great. This location is close to my home.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The back spring hanger had broken & i needed it to be welded on my 16 ft cargo trailer. The manager Ken Miller said that would not be a problem to weld up.This was in Las Vegas & i was on my way back to Canada. Well i made it back home & will not have to repair again.Vary happy with the work he did & he was happy all the time which made me feel a lot better. I phoned Ken when i arrived home & thanked him for the attention i received.
- Carl B.
The back spring hanger on my cargo trailer had broke off and i had lost my back wheel. I stopped right by the Meineke store inLas Vegas on a Saturday afternoon. Ken the manager said of course we can weld that up for you.I had lost all 6 of the wheel nuts also.He did a bang up job of the welding & went & found 6 wheel nuts.I left there & headed back for Canada & had no problems. I was very thankful for the response at the shop. I phone Ken the next day and thanked him.
- Carl B.
Everyone from the up front person, Cindy, to the young man who transported me back & forth & the technician who worked on my car were friendly, professional & knowledgeable. I had a lot to be repaired & they did a great job at a reasonable price. I trust them & that's important to me. I now consider this Meineke location "my mechanic"!
- Verified Meineke Customer
They were very friendly. They were thorough yet didn't take longer for it to get done than it should. Set me up with a payment plan. The technician even came by our house the next day to make sure he didn't miss anything. Amazing!
- John E.
Everyone very helpful. I trust that the work done was warranted. We will keep coming.
- Gwen C.
Went to my regular repair shop who wanted to charge me almost $500 for the repairs. Stopped into Autozone for brakes estimate. They referred me to Meineke next door. Stopped in to get estimate on replacing my brakes. I talked with the front office associate. Whom was very friendly and helpful. After my brakes were checked out. I was given my estimate. Which to my surprise was very affordable. I was given a couple of discounts that brought the total to just under $200 !! I was a "very happy camper to say the least !!" I definitely will return to Meineke for my future repairs. Being treated fairly means alot.
- Shirley D.
I had taken my car to 3 other shops and was always given a different diagnostic. I allowed the shops to do the work, pay them, but the check engine light would turn on after 24 hours or less. A mutual customer informed me of the Meineke off Nellis and told me of their great service. I went to the shop and had to keep my car there for 3 days. The mechanic took his time and checked every part and made sure to call me and follow up. My car was fixed 3 weeks ago and not only did the check engine go away, but my car passed the smog test.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The key was not coming out of the ignition on the elderly lady I care fors' car, she was very worried about what was wrong. Ken knew right what the problem was when I told him, the shifter area was sticky. They got me in the same day and he fixed it right away! It works awesome now!
- Deborah P.
I love the staff, the location and especially the honesty and always will always have my auto work done at the Meinke on Nellis/Desert Inn in Las Vegas , Nv I really like Cindi. She's very helpful
- Sonja A.
Finished my ac service in a quick timely manner and informed me that my system was over charged. The counter lady was extremely pleasant to discuss my vehicle too, informed me of the cost, what I was going to get done to my vehicles, etc.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Oil switch, replace air compressor, cleaned brakes
- Verified Meineke Customer
Loved the store. It was very clean and they helped with all of my questions. They also gave me a list of stuff that I needed to get done to my car.
- Kayla T.
Very friendly staff, fairly quick time frame, only thing I would suggest is to tint your windows to the store or shades to block some of the heat coming in from the sun. Vegas is brutally hot!
- Ryan B.
I have already posted a review on Google. The owner Ken and manager Alberto were both extremely helpful and professional at a difficult time for me--I had just evacuated from flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey with my two children.
- Roger H.
Have had nothing but good experiences with my local Meineke shop!
- Linda S
I always share ALL good experiences with family and friends.
- Harold L.
Cindy is the best, that's why I still come back.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The price and time they quoted me were right on the money
- Thomas R.
Service w/a smile as I walked in I was greeted w/an introduction how may I help you all service was done in a timely manner & very friendly staff thanxx
- Benito M.
The lady at the front counter is so incredibly honest. I've heard her speaking with other customers while I was waiting for my car to be finished. Everyone one of those customers was female and I've always felt taken advantage of during car repairs because I was female.
- Luscious P.

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