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Meineke #297 Reviews

Average rating: 71 reviews

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Some other things recommended for me to fixed was posted in their website.
- Paschal A.

Meineke #297 New Carrollton


8314 Annapolis Road-Route 450

New Carrollton, MD 20784

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (301) 364-4839

Additional Reviews

Some other things recommended for me to fixed was posted in their website.
- Paschal A.
The customer service was excellent and not only did I get a oil change, the mechanics fixed my tire pressure indicator.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was in and out in a matter of time
- Mary M.
My experience at my local Meineke has always been a pleasant one. The lady at the reception desk (unfortunately I don't know her name) is always very professional, pleasant and accommodating. Part of the whole experience is how you are addressed when you enter an establishment, and each time I go to the New Carrollton, MD. location I am never disappointed. Thank you for the chance to sing their praises. They are well deserved. Anita L. Comer Happy Customer
- Anita C.
The service was done in a timely fashion. The young lady behind the counter was extremely pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I think your staff are very professional from the time I dropped off car to the pick up and the paying of the bill.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I came into the shop to get an oil change and a wheel alignment. Once the mechanic inspected my car, he determined that I didn't only need an alignment but my struts were really rusted and needed to be replaced. He also recognized the horrible condition that my tires were in. They were really dry and cracked and I was totally shocked because I just had new tire sensors put into my tires and the place that I had that work done did not even mention the terrible condition that my tires were in which really upset me because I transport my one year old grand daughter in my car often. Also, during the inspection the mechanic noticed and pointed out the rust and corrosion on my motor mounts so I will be getting those replaced within the next couple of weeks. I am totally grateful for the thoroughness of the mechanics at Meineke. They have proven to me that they are not just trying to get your money. They actually care about your safety and wellbeing when it comes to the condition of your car.
- Alicia C.
- Trevor H.
Fast and friendly service as always
- Latosha G.
I was at my car dealer and did not get resolution. I called Meineke and explained my situation. I was Invited to the shop and they fixed my car within an hour.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I had a situation where I could not get some repairs done. Not only did Meineke have the solution, the service and time it took to get the repairs done was excellent!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I made an appointment and was on and out in no time. They said it would take about 1 1/2 it was actually less time then that
- Nyia Tr.
The initial reception was very professional and helpful. The service --Oil change, tire rotation-- was performed professional and the vehicle returned ahead of time scheduled.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Keem did an awesome job !!!
- Bob H .
Staff members were were welcoming and nice and got my oil changed done quicker than I expected and they told me it's ready. Nice work
- Sancho T.
when I arrived at the location they had some computer issues therefore I was told if I could come back so I did later on I called and they told me they will accomodate so they can change my oil and everyone at this location was helpful when I asked a question and is was a very good experience therefore I am coming back ty
- Verified Meineke Customer
Great staff at Meineke on New Carrollton Md.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The customer service and quality of workmanship is very good.
- Verified Meineke Customer
As soon as I got there they put the vehicle on the lift and gave me the price for the repair. I was out in about 2 hours. Great service
- Paul M.
your staff continues to be courteous and professional
- Trevor H.
The Front Desk Person, I think her name was Kim. Was exceptionally pleasant, knowledgeable and very professional. It always makes my day when the first face you see is welcoming. Thank you Kim! I will see you again.
- Saifa Bi.
I took advantage of the free oil changes for veterans on Veterans Day. The employees were great. They thanked each and every veteran for their service. I appreciate what they did for all of us. The shop was clean, employees were professional and courteous. They were able to get a large amount of vehicles in and out in a very quick manner. Although I was there for a oil change, they still inspected my vehicle and gave me recommendations for brakes, tires, etc.
- Bethany B.
The way you help me to pay my bill. Offering personnel service. Ty
- Portia G.
I was greeted with a smile by the girl at check in desk. The manager explained everything being done. The mechanic also showed me some areas to watch for possible problems under the car.
- Verified Meineke Customer
We had an appointment . They stuck to the appointment. Got us in and out in a timely manner.
- Joseph H.
I don't know his name but I have a 4runner and he has a 4runner and it seems as though he is the one who works on my truck. He always does an excellent job I don't know him at all but he is a great mechanic!
- Eric T.
The staff is very professional, atmosphere is friendly, and the work was timely.
- Lenore G.
- Trevor H.
The associate and technician that serviced my car did a great job. I wish I could remember their names but please look them up and give them some recognition.
- Alphonso S.
very courteous professional and friendly
- Trevor H.
The service desk was very helpful.
- Angela E.
Professional service and high quality work.
- Thomas L.
Very nice n great place to wait
- Brandy Ho.
Oil change and Karen were extremely nice
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff were very helpful and professional.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff members were very friendly and helpful, if it was going to take a little longer to complete your work, they would come out and let you know. The young lady that worked the front desk was outstanding. I left there very satisfied with their work. I don't know the young ladies name at the desk but she's very nice to everyone.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Pete the manger meets everyone with a smile.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff was outstanding they were very professional but friendly to everyone
- Verified Meineke Customer
The customer service was great and my questions were answered with ease.
- Latosha G.
As always very professional and great quality work. I would recommend this Meineke to everyone.
- Thomas L.
You were very efficient and wasted no time. The service was on time and on point.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The visit went well. I needed an oil change and they got me in and out in a very reasonable amount of time.
- Bill G.
The Meineke staff is very professional and the atmosphere is very nice -- I enjoy just sitting there waiting for my car to be serviced.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Peter and his crew are always very helpful. I've been going to this location since 2006 (stopped when Peter left the store) and then returned when he did. Very trustworthy and fair.
- Renee G.
The young lady that worked the front desk was very nice to everyone. She explained all recommendations very clear that's what made me go back for my other work. My car runs great
- Verified Meineke Customer
Detailing the rear suspension items that needed replacing and completing the that day.Caryn,the manager and Akim were very hepful.
- Kevin M.
I enjoyed the great customer service and feedback. I didn't have to wait too long to be seen or for my car to get serviced. Meineke is in a great location from my house and I will definitely come back again.
- Latosha G.
The Meineke staff at New Carrollton are very professional, courteous, friendly, will explain things to you clearly, and know their car care business!
- Verified Meineke Customer
The only complaint I have is the time. My appointment was for 1:00pm. It was after 2:00pm that the oil change was finished. I owned cars for some time now and I have never had to wait over an hour for a simple oil change. This is not the only time I have had to wait for nothing more then an oil change with an appointment. I am happy with everything else.
- Joyce P.
It's the simple things that bring you back to a mechanic. For me it was the ease of service the great price point and a very simple thing. My back license plate was held on with only one bolt because I hadn't got around to drilling out the stripped bolt on one side. The mechanics did this for me without me asking. It was such a simple thing that made me really impressed.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I went for service and after I saw how efficient and professional your staff are I sent my daughter to have her oil change service and she received the Black Friday deal and we are your new customers !!!
- Ed J.
professionalism, and positive attitudes of the staff. I observed a friendly and respectful work atmosphere between the staff and customers each time I visited that office. Ms Carin is always very pleasant, explains issues prior to having the work performed ,and answers customers questions without being defensive, and she appears very honest and reliable. I feel comfortable with her advice.
- Sally K.
The friendliness of the staff. Customer service was great. Extremely fast service done on my car!
- Alma R.
Employees are more friendly and they know what they are doing.
- Taiwo S.
I do not know the man's name but I guess he was the manager. He was very nice and helpful.
- Michael B.
The sales associate was very helpful and polite. I didn't have to wait too long to get my car serviced. It is in a convenient location from where I live and I will definitely come back. They always let me know what other services I need to get and I love the rewards program.
- Tosha G.
The sales lady is always very helpful and respectful.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Jun and his staff are extremely professional and attentive. Every time I come I have a great experience and feel that I'm in good hands
- Andrew H.
Friendly, quick and clean. Also effective service. Gave a discount (brake pads were on sale for 50% off) without asking for it.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The employees are very helpful and it doesn't seem like they are trying to get over on you like other car places
- Verified Meineke Customer
Friendly staff and fast service. I have never been disappointed.
- Latosha G.
I would recommend Meineke because, I feel that the take all actions and care about your car better than any dealer and also you earn points and get senior discount as well.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was please with the customer service, the service of my vehicle and the price.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Caryn was timely responsive, explained things well, and with one more thing to do, she was professional in trying to have it done by scheduling it.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Customer service was great. Item that was replaced on vehicle seems to be working fine. Added on a oil change and my oil light came on say ing I need a oil change. Did not do that before I brought my vehicle in.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Meineke at New Carrollton Shopping Center has a friendly and professional staff. Their work is top notch. They make you feel comfortable and not like they're trying to identify issues with your car just to get more money from you. They are upfront and very courteous, and even from my observations of those coming in while I am waiting for my work to be completed, everyone is greeted and treated in a friendly manner.
- Verified Meineke Customer
When you make a appointment they are right on time. Very pleasant and professional.
- Portia G.
They answered all my questions and gave me good advice and were courteous.
- Laura F.
They have really good customer service skills and they do good work.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Chris of the front desk is very good at explaining things and he's very professional! He also keeps you well informed of the process and time frame! Third time coming within the last 3weeks and I'll keep coming back because of Chris alone! Not that anyone else was bad he's just the MAN!
- Delaunte H.
I made an appointment and they were on time and completed everything very well.
- William G.

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