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My car was in need of new brakes. I did not have an appointment, but the owner, Greg got my car in within a few minutes. They assessed the brakes and recommended replacing the front rotors and brake pads. The service was completed in a timely manner and the cost was far less than I had anticipated. I would definitely recommend this particular Meineke to my family and friends.
- Phillip M.

Meineke #1377 Overland Park


7525 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS 66204

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M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

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Additional Reviews

My car was in need of new brakes. I did not have an appointment, but the owner, Greg got my car in within a few minutes. They assessed the brakes and recommended replacing the front rotors and brake pads. The service was completed in a timely manner and the cost was far less than I had anticipated. I would definitely recommend this particular Meineke to my family and friends.
- Phillip M.
The quality of service was okay; however I was more pleased with the roadside assistance that was included in the oil change.
- Chris B.
The people at this shop are very friendly, accomodating and professional. They gave me a ride when I needed one.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Greg the owner was professional and informational. He has done a wonderful job with this location. The service staff was knowledgeable and willing to show me what problems my car had without pressuring me to fix them right then.
- Jennifer M.
All the staff members at this location are friendly and we're very knowledgeable. The service tech even cleaned my battery terminals which should have been done at another store (not a meineke), when my battery had been replaced a month earlier. I only visited that place because there wasn't a meineke close to where my battery died. The staff were able to make recommendations on what to expect with my next maintenance visit. This helps customers plan ahead on what their expenses will be on preventative maintenance and is so helpful. I no longer live near this location, which I used to when I purchased some service packages. But with the new owner and staff at this location and the way they treat customers and accommodate their schedule, I will drive 15 minutes to come back to this location for my vehicle services.
- Stephanie R.
They were very friendly and did not take long to get me done. Thank u.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Manager was very helpful and I was glad he helped to have the car ready for a trip to Florida. Had fun watching him train a new girl.
- Cheryl .
I was somewhat disappointed that a voucher I had received in the mail could not be used because of a very recent expiry date. However I was pleased with the service and courtesy received. I'll may more attention to expiry dates in the future.
- Jim H.
Greg Vap and his staff were very helpful and I feel like I can trust their information.
- Mike P.
Manager and staff were great and explained work needed and did it very well.
- Mike W.
New owner, Greg, is accessible, helpful, and honest. He doesn't try to upcharge or make-up unnecessary service like previous owner.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Greg and Ben are a very knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful team! Repairs were done as expected, both on time and within my budget. Thank you so much for excellent service!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Very helpful; agreed to look at my car just before closing. Could have easily told me they were closing but they really helped me out late on a Friday. I very much appreciated their assistance and friendliness. I will definitely consider them in the future.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I went in for a standard oil change and it was nice to have honest and friendly individuals working and willing to help with any problem. No one tried to push items I did not need. They also helped me get a quote on a sensor that needed to be replaced. If I have any other maintenance needs I will be sure to stop at the meineke in Overland Park, KS.
- Rebecca R.
I was referred to this location by my mother and father. I needed rear brake pads. I left a message to check pricing. I was called back by the manager within an hour. I was given pricing and availability of service times too. The whole process of being contacted, pricing, service, and work completion took 24 hours. Employees were friendly and efficient.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Friendly staff. Service was quick and efficient.
- Ron R.
Couldn't locate noise, but assured us that we weren't driving a hazardous vehicle. Good service. Love Ben and the gang! Okay, the free coffee is wonderful while waiting!
- Mike F.
Great customer service, knowledgeable staff and quick services are prices that were discussed
- Verified Meineke Customer
I have no friends. My family doesn't live here but if they did it qould be a 10. Thanks for the wonderful service!
- Verified Meineke Customer
The oil change was done properly and quickly for a reasonable price. Your routine inspection revealed very thin front brake pads. I had you replace them with premium ceramic pads you had on sale. You installed them quickly and competently and for less than I would have paid for OEM semi-metallic pads at the dealership. Disk resurfacing was well done and the brakes work like new again.
- John F.
Everyone there is amazing! I needed new tires badly around the time the roads were really bad. A gentleman there drove out to another location to get the tires for me, and kept me updated every step of the way. The woman working in the front was so friendly and made the wait seem like nothing! All around amazing customer service and quality products at very reasonable prices.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Mary Beth at the Overland Park, KS location is 100% the reason why we would return. Excellent customer service!
- Kelly M.
Excellent customer service. Greg's customer service exceeded my expectations. All the staff is very professional, and helpful. I have recommended them to all my friends. As far as I am concerned, this is the best car care center in the city. Thank you!
- Verified Meineke Customer
My first experience at this location was right after Greg took over. I imagine I will remain a customer here for a very long time.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I had a friendly welcome and professional service. Each time I use Meineke they always present an estimate of the service needed and I appreciate asking me if I want to do it that day or schedule another service appointment. I will continue using Meineke for my service needs.
- Cheryl H.
I first went into this Meineke Store a few years ago because it was very near and convenient to my office. I really never got even a lukewarm feeling from those people. Now that Greg has taken it over, it is a Top Notch operation and he has been very good to me and my family a number of times.
- Steve (Glen) K.
I did write a review on your website. I was pleased with everything at Meineke and will definitely go back. I have had many bad transactions with service departments before and was finally happy to be treated with respect and given a respectable cost for the work done (which was good on all levels). Thank you again.
- Lena S.
My oil change was quick and they also did exactly what I asked, they didn't try to sell me on doing things I did not need done (I did recently go to my dealership to see if I needed any work done at this time and they said no) unlike the other location I have been to where they said it was very critical I use a specific oil (when again I have asked my dealership about this and they confirmed I was correct) because if I didn't my warranty would be void. I do understand all company's do require specific things to be done for warrenty, but again I did confirm that was not true in my case. I also appreciated hearing them ask if other clients would like to see what they would be doing and difference between a new and old part. That to me shows they care and aren't just trying to take people's money. I really appreciated the very nice staff and all they did! I will be back and recommend them to all of my friends who don't already go somewhere.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Excellent customer service; I feel like I can trust this shop. Timely, detailed telephone calls kept me in the loop, much appreciated
- Douglas C
excellent survive and very friendly staff. helped us out of a very tight spot
- Verified Meineke Customer
They know my time is valuable and got me back on the road within a hour with 4 brakes to be done and had 3 guys on my car. The service is great and manager is awesome and always friendly. I would not go anywhere else.
- Reba F.

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