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How to Change a Tire - Transcription


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Meineke Employee

At Meineke, we want to help you to get on with life. That’s why we’re going to show you how to change your tire.”

  • Meineke employee is standing inside a Meineke location, talking to the camera.

HOW TO: Change Your Tire

  • Title Card fills the screen:


Change Your Tire

Meineke Employee

Changing a tire can be very simple and only requires a few tools.

Here’s what you’ll need: a jack, wrench and of course a spare tire.”

  • Meineke employee talks to the camera, as he speaks about the tools, they appear on the screen (super-imposed in post-production)

Meineke Employee

First, while your car is on the ground, loosen the lug nuts slightly with a lug nut wrench—do not remove them yet.”

  • Close-Up shot of wrench loosening lug nuts on a wheel.

Meineke Employee

Next, using the jack, lift your car so that your tire is six-inches off of the ground. Consult your owner's manual as to the best location to place the jack on your vehicle.”

  • Medium shot of jack lifting car six inches off the ground.

Meineke Employee

Now with your car off the ground, go ahead and remove the lug nuts. Next, remove the tire from the wheel base by pulling it straight toward your body.”

  • Close-Up shot of wrench removing lug nuts completely off the wheel.

  • Medium shot of employee removing a wheel straight off of a car.

Meineke Employee

Place the spare tire onto your vehicle, pushing it all the way onto the wheel base until it cannot go any farther.”

  • Medium shot of employee inserting spare tire onto wheel.

Meineke Employee

Now place the lug nuts on, but not too tightly.”

  • Close-Up shot of wrench tightening lug nuts on spare tire.

  • Close-Up shot of slot in the center.

Meineke Employee

Lower the vehicle to the ground and remove the jack. ”

  • Medium shot of jack lowering car to the ground.

Meineke Employee

Now it’s time to tighten those lug nuts. Start by tightening one 50%, then move to the opposite nut and do the same. Keep tightening opposite lug nuts gradually until all are securely onto the wheel.”

  • Medium shot of wrench tightening lug nuts appropriately on spare tire.

Meineke Employee

Now, you can change a tire yourself. Or, simply bring your vehicle to Meineke for tire repair and get on with your life!”

  • Meineke employee talks to the camera.

Meineke Employee

Meineke. On with Life.”

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