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Tire & Wheel Balancing | Meineke Car Care

Wheel balancing is sometimes confused with wheel alignment—though in truth, they are not the same at all. Wheel alignment consists of adjustments to the angles of each wheel, ensuring they are parallel to each other. Wheel balancing is something else altogether.

Wheel Balancing

Specifically, wheel balancing is meant to ensure that the tires and wheels are able to spin properly. During the wheel balancing process, the technician will check for heavy spots on the wheel-tire combination, compensating for any such spots by placing weighty lead on the opposite side of the wheel.

Tire Balancing

What some vehicle owners don’t know is when they actually need wheel balancing. What are the signs and symptoms that your car is in need of this critical preventative maintenance step?

There are several, but the most common is the experience of vibrations in the steering wheel at certain highway speeds. That’s a dead giveaway that wheel balancing is needed. Vibrations in the seat or floorboard are also signs, as is unusual wear and tear on the tires.

Do You Have a Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Schedule?

Wheel balancing may seem like a chore, but in truth it’s something that can help prevent further, more serious problems from arising down the road. As such, it’s a smart investment to make it a part of your preventative maintenance schedule.

To have a wheel balancing performed by a certified technician, make an appointment at your local Meineke Car Care Center.

Are Your Wheels Spinning Properly?

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