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Universal Joint Replacement

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u joint replacement

A U Joint is found in both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars. Although they are different in design, they have the same purpose of giving the drive train some flexibility. This is needed as all cars and trucks flex while in motion. U joint repair and replacement can be handled at local Meineke locations.

U-joints are found on each of the ends of the rear drive shaft, whereas CV-joints are found on front wheel drive cars. Each allows the drive shaft to rotate as the differential moves in relation to the rest of drive train mounted on the chassis.

The U-joint functions to save wear and tear on your vehicle’s transmission. Failure to have a universal joint replacement done when needed can lead to substantial damage to your car in the future.

Signs your Car needs a U Joint Replacement

There are a few warning signs that U-joint or CV-joint is failing. They include:

  • Clunking noises when putting the car into any gear
  • Vibration noises when pressing on or easing off the gas pedal
  • Squeaking noises when driving at low speeds
  • Covered in an orange color dust
  • Movement when the axle is twisted

In most cases, U-joints fail due to do lack of lubrication. This is often because the automaker’s original equipment does not have grease fittings. If any of these signs present themselves, you should take your car to a technician right away to have your vehicle’s joints repaired or replaced as necessary.

Save Wear & Tear on Your Vehicle’s Transmission

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