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Tire Rotation

tire rotation

Tire rotation is something many people put off. However, your car's tires need regular rotating and attention; waiting until something goes wrong with your vehicle could mean your tires are already worn down too much and might need to be replaced. Rotating tires regularly can extend your vehicle’s life significantly.

Tire Rotations Services

Generally speaking, tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. A technician can thoroughly inspect your tires as well as your wheels to determine if they have an acceptable amount of wear. The technician can also check the tread depth and ensure they are properly balanced.

Do not make the mistake of neglecting your vehicle's tires. A regular tire rotation will maintain or improve your vehicle's handling, boost traction and balance out the amount of wear endured by each tire.

Regular rotations also offer performance advantages. Tires that wear evenly will last much longer and help the car maneuver better.

Tire Replacement Services

A technician can replace your tires, valve stem, wheels and rims if necessary. Once your tires reach a tread depth of 4/32 of an inch, it is time to replace them.

If the tread is all the way down to 2/32 or less, you are driving an unsafe vehicle that cannot properly grip the road.Those who live in snowy areas should be especially conscious of their tread depth.

Tires that travel over snow require tread depth as they must press the snow into their grooves and then release it as they roll. Tires without ample tread depth will merely nibble at the snow and traction will be severely compromised.

Insufficient traction, annoying vibrations, steering instability and premature tire wear are all things that can develop if you go too long without having your tires rotated or replaced. Do not put yourself at risk by delaying your tire rotation or replacement. Your local Meineke Car Care Center can fully inspect your tires and recommend any necessary repairs.

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