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SUV, Truck & All Terrain Tire Service

Buying SUV tires or light truck tires can be tricky since those vehicles perform a variety of functions, ranging from work to off-roading. To start, the numbers and letters found on the sidewalls of tires will let you know the size, tolerances and other important information about them. Tires that are in good shape should grip the road and provide traction for your SUV or truck. A technician can help you determine what tires are right for your vehicle as well as your driving habits.

Tire Selection & Expert Maintenance Service

Most drivers of an SUV or a light truck want tires that look great but can also drive anywhere. While light truck all-terrain tires are able to do just that, all-season tires are good for those who do not go off road and want to give their truck or SUV a sporty appearance. There are also tires that complement your SUV, luxury pickup, or upscale crossover. A qualified technician can help you select the perfect tires for your vehicle.

Technicians can also perform tire inspections, tire rotations, and tire alignment services. Proper inflation and installation will make sure the tires handle properly and prevent premature wear. Give your local Meineke Car Care Center a call to hear about the tire services they provide.

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