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Performance Tire Repair & Replacement Service

Choosing the right performance tires for your vehicle can be a daunting task. Performance tires can change the look and feel of your ride and drastically affect your vehicle’s overall performance. Having a technician help you choose and install performance tires will ensure you get properly functioning tires that can be utilized to their full potential.

Performance Tire Support

A technician can provide you with all the support that you need when it comes to high performance tires. They will measure your tire tread depth, rotate them if necessary, and perform a thorough analysis to determine if the tires will have to be replaced in the near future. You will be able to drive with full confidence after your performance tires are inspected and maintained. If you have any questions pertaining to tire performance rating, performance tire brands, rotations, replacements, tread, or any other issue, a technician can help.

Performance Tire Installation

Technicians will “inch up” tires, meaning they will mount a performance tire with a lower aspect ratio and wheel with a larger diameter. The result is the creation of a shorter sidewall and a sizable contact patch. Inching up boosts your car's appearance as well as its performance. It improves the vehicle's steering response, betters its cornering ability, and allows for more precise dry handling. Technicians are also skilled in the plus zero, plus one, and plus two methods that ensure a proper fit.

Need a Technician?

Technicians avoid using air tools when working on your high performance wheels. They instead use torque wrenches and adhere to the industry's accepted tightening procedures. When installing performance tires, a technician will also make sure they are properly aligned to ensure they perform as intended.

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