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Meineke® eInspection: Know the Problem and the Fix.

Meineke is Doing Car Care Right with Meineke® eInspection. This technology sends you real-time service updates, inspection pictures, informative repair videos and you can approve additional services straight from your phone. If we find any problems, we let you know immediately so you can make informed choices. And when we're done, you're alerted that your vehicle is ready to go. More convenience. More transparency. More knowledge.

Here's How Meineke® eInspection Helps You.

eInspection car icon

Drop off your car for service and get a free Meineke® eInspection at participating locations.

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Real-time service updates are sent right to your phone.

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If additional services are needed, we send you a message explaining the additional service and why it’s needed (for safety, preventative maintenance, etc.).

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You can approve or decline the extra service without having to come back in.

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You're alerted as soon as your vehicle is ready for pick up.

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