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Cold Air Intake Installation

cool air intake installation

Your vehicle's engine pulls a precise amount of air into the manifold to mix with the fuel for consistent combustion. The combustion rate controls the amount of horsepower created by the engine. In a stock engine, the air comes in through the air box, past the filter, and into the intake manifold before slipping past the valves at timed intervals.

To improve the efficiency of these components, you can have your technician install cool air intake systems in place of the air box. Cold air intake installation is an excellent maintenance service for keeping your vehicle on the road for years to come.

Upgrade Option to a Cool Air Intake Filter

The problem with a stock airbox is that it pulls air from the hot engine bay, which can have a negative impact on the system's ability to produce power. Installing a cold air intake system can circumvent this issue.

A cold air intake system only brings in cool air flowing beneath or in front of the vehicle. This icy cold air flowing into your vehicle's engine combusts much faster and easier than hot air and improves the power production and efficiency of the engine.

Installation Process for a Cool Air Intake System

Depending on the layout of your engine bay, technicians may be able to simply bolt the cold air intake components in place without making mounting point adjustments. If not, techs simply drill a few holes for the mounting brackets and torque everything down to specification.

Troubleshooting Problems

Most cold air intake systems work without a problem for the life of your vehicle. If you ever notice the intake components seem loose, skewed, or noisy, you can have your technician perform an inspection to identify the cause. Technicians may need to tighten up the bolts holding the components in place to return the system to its beneficial configuration.

Technicians will use your observations and their expertise to quickly pinpoint the problem and identify a suitable repair plan.

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