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Auto Chrome Detailing

You can improve your vehicle’s appearance with chrome accessories and even replace many of the parts in your engine bay and undercarriage with chrome-plated alternatives. The interior of your car can also be accented with chrome auto accessories. The way you place the chrome will make your car look and feel unique and reflect your personal sense of style.

Why Chrome Parts?

The chrome plating not only looks good, but also protects the metal components from rusting. When installed and maintained correctly, the chrome will stay in great shape for years to come. Aside from protective purposes, chrome accessories will help your car stand out from the rest.

Chrome Parts Installation

Technicians will first remove the stock components to make way for the direct chrome replacements, taking great care to avoid scratching the chrome during the installation process. The chrome itself may sit wrapped in cloth as your technician tightens down the mounting bolts to the right specifications. Once the chrome car accessories are installed on your vehicle, your technician will wipe down the surface with a clean piece of cloth to make the finish shine beautifully.

Maintain Chrome Parts

Chrome requires regular touch-ups to remove dust accumulation and fingerprint smudges. You can wipe down the chrome with a crumpled piece of aluminum foil dipped in a suitable cleaning product. The aluminum foil will remove surface residue without leaving scratches on the finish. You can also remove dirt and residue by gently rubbing the chrome finish with a clean, dry, microfiber rag. Make sure the rag does not have any debris on its surface to avoid scratching your chrome.

Why Seek a Professional?

Your local technicians are always available to help install and maintain chrome engine parts and accents. Technicians can even help you identify and source chrome parts that would make your vehicle look truly unique.

Understand Chrome Work

Technicians will always write up a work order that details the total part cost, labor charges, and shop fees required for that service. Once you authorize the work order, your technician can install the show chrome accessories on your vehicle.

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