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Meineke Auto Repair Reviews & Testimonials

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dave, he even recommended a used car to a friend of mine and it was great and a great deal...
- Richard U.
Fort Myers, Florida
I travel with my job and came in on a Friday lunchtime. Called Meineke and needed an oil change but only had limited time. Got there around 12:15 and had to be at my office by 1:30. They took the challenge, changed my oil and got me out on time. They were great. I will make Meineke Florence, my car care professional
- Gregg D.
Florence, Alabama
I had my usual oil change every 3k mi. The people there are very nice and easy to get along with being a woman who KNOWS how to work on cars they don't try to sell me something I don't need. Great store and service, all are very gentlemanly. A lot of men could learn something from them.
- Beth P.
Bloomington, Indiana
Super quick and friendly. Got a great deal on my oil change and they even gave my car a look over just in case I had any other problems. I'll be back in two months for a check-up. Thanks again to Bo for helping through the whole process.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Jacksonville, Florida
Caesar was terrific. Always enjoy going to Meineke and seeing folks I've come to trust over several years.
- Phil L.
Fort Worth, Texas
My battery kept draining and they stuck with it until they found the short. We have 3 cars that we take to Meineke and they do the same work my prior mechanic did, but for about 15% less. There is a mechanic there that had his own shop for many years who recommended not replacing my clutch yet and showed me methods of making a clutch last longer. NOT what I expected but made me feel safer doing business with Meineke. Good team in Franklin NC
- Joe C.
Franklin, North Carolina
Manager was very friendly; ask him to do a 'road ready' check as I was getting ready to leave on a long trip. He was happy to do so, I needed new tires, (I knew I did) and he was helpful in finding me tires that would be good for my vehicle but within the price range I could afford at the time.
- Caren C.
Pensacola, Florida
Jerald was very helpful in letting me know what needed to be done to the car and the pricing was very reasonable.
- Jeff A.
Vancouver, Washington
I like the prices coupons and service
- Rod R.
Montgomery, Alabama

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