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Keep driving. Not worrying.

With Revvy™ now your car can talk to you – letting you know what it needs, when it needs it. Easily connect your car to your smartphone and start getting instant notifications and features.

  • OBD Scanner Alerts

    Receive translations of error codes before you even walk into a Meineke.

  • Service Reminders

    Always know when your vehicle needs service based on mileage.

  • Meineke center locator

    Wherever you go, Revvy™ can point you to the nearest Meineke.

  • Appointment Scheduler

    Schedule appointments faster and easier through the Meineke App.

  • Safety Services

    You’ll never be more than just a swipe away from help.

Stay connected with in-car WiFi.

T Mobile

Enable the power of the T-Mobile network with in-car Wifi, with built-in 4G LTE! Stream music and video* from your favorite services on up to 8 devices without using your high speed data on a qualifying plan.

* Detectable video typically streams at DVD quality (480p+) with Binge On unless video provider opts-out; on opt-out, high-speed data consumption will continue as if Binge On was disabled. You may disable feature at any time but will lose benefits. On all plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization.

Access the largest app catalog

Revvy™ unlocks the largest library of apps for you and your car. Everything from maximizing your gas mileage to car safety, there’s an app that will enhance your experience.

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  • My Vinli

    The official app to monitor your vehicle from Vinli. Browse apps and manage your WiFi. My Vinli keeps you connected to your car, wherever you may roam.

  • Beagle

    Keep your teen drivers safe with Beagle. Track their driving routes and speeds, and set up custom alerts to let you know when they stray from the straight and narrow.

  • Home Connect

    Connect your home to your car. Automatically set the thermostat and close the garage when you leave, or turn on the lights when you arrive.

  • Lock & Key

    Car missing? It won't get far with Vinli. The Lock & Key app will alert you, follow your car in real time, and notify the authorities with one click.

  • Amazon Alexa

    Connect your Revvy device to the Amazon Alexa app and gets insights into your vehicle's health, remaining fuel, car mileage and much more.

  • Spot Angels

    Never get a parking ticket again! Spot Angels sends you free parking alerts when you have to move your car. It covers Street Cleaning, Tow Away, Meters and Residential regulations.

oil change alert

Improve Maintenance and Save Money

Revvy syncs with your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system to alert you of vehicle issues or maintenance needs. Knowing what the lights mean and proactively maintaining your vehicle can save thousands in repair costs and extend the life of the vehicle.

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