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Meineke #2240 Reviews

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I purchased a used vehicle and it needed new brakes and other services. As a woman I felt respected and unlike a local mechanic I was not taken advantage of. From the front desk to the repair people I was very happy with the service. Keep up the great work!
- Verified Meineke Customer

Meineke #2240 Silverdale


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Additional Reviews

I purchased a used vehicle and it needed new brakes and other services. As a woman I felt respected and unlike a local mechanic I was not taken advantage of. From the front desk to the repair people I was very happy with the service. Keep up the great work!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I don't know the name of the guy at the front desk but he is very friendly and he was honest about what the car needed and did not need.
- Janayle J.
Fast, friendly, honest service. They recommended service that I plan on having done.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The guy behind the counter was extremely nice
- Verified Meineke Customer
My brakes were done in a timely manner. The front desk person tried to charge me more than my estimate but I showed her my estimate and was charged the correct price.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was able to drop off car and take care o other business and my car was ready to go when I got back, great service!!
- Debbie Q.
This review actually involves two Meineke locations, Gig Harbor, WA, and Silverdale, WA. I accidentally tore off the passenger side view mirror of my husband's truck on the way to pick him up at the airport. By Gig Harbor, I decided I needed to tape it back in place. I accidentally passed Meineke in Gig Harbor and stopped to see if they could help me. Brian, the manager, was so helpful to tape it in place, and offered to order a new one for me. He called me later with info on the repair, but since I live nearer to Silverdale, I asked if he could get credit even if I went to Silverdale. He said it was all the same company, and passed all the info on the Eric at Silverdale. Eric even found a better price for us, and we had the work done the next day, much to our satisfaction. Now, we may take our cars to Meineke, instead of our usual maintenance location.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Eric and his staff at the Silverdale Washington office did a great job on the services I needed.
- Jody S.
They all were very helpful, I did get my Air conditioner recharged, they said that it did indeed have a leak and perhaps the seals need to expand. As for the REAL reason I took the RV in was it has a huge shacking noise at around 45mph it comes and goes but they could not pin point where it was coming from, I except that as a legitimate call because it's just not obvious and when at the shop looking under the rig does not show why....They tried and said that it would have to fail completely to know what to do....They tried and I appreciate the try.....I'll be back.
- Ronald M.
Awesome service and gave me estimates for upcoming things I need
- Cari C.
Eric the store manager replaced my brake light at no charge when my light came on after service. Casey working the counter was great keeping me informed during the repair process
- Linda B.
Very quick service, and very friendly associates at a great price!
- Don C.
The guys at the silverdale wa location are great! Prompt and reliable service!
- Justin D.
Garrett and his team are always helpful and polite keeps my Sable in great condition.
- Christine P.
Prompt and courteous service
- Verified Meineke Customer
Staff is always very pleasant and friendly. Timeframe for work is always precise. Oil change coupons are great.
- Gina W.
Oil change and provided excellent customer service
- Gary B.
Garrett and his staff are always professional and friendly. I feel confident taking my vehicle in for repairs because I know they'll do a good job
- Verified Meineke Customer
Keep up the good work and above all honesty so customers like me will continue to come back and have our vehicles serviced there. So auto shop do cheat their customers in order to keep coming back for more repairs which is not necessary at times. I'm happy to find this shop 4 years ago since we moved here in Silverdale. Thank you for doing a great job on my toyota Sienna.
- Maryalice L.
The team at the Silverdale WA location is always great. They exceed my expectation every time I visit. They're my go to for my oil changes.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I visited the shop in Silverdale and because my repair took several hours they drove me to my home and picked me up when the repair was finished. I don't know the names of the staff but I've always been impressed by Meineke's employees from the manager down.
- Gilrene M.
On 8/4/16 I took my vehicle in for a brake inspection. The vehicle had been sitting for a while and I wasn't sure if the brakes were just needing to be used again or if I was scraping the rotors. Having just had to replace the rotors on my OTHER vehicle I didn't want to take any chances. The employees at Meineke inspected my brakes and informed me exactly how much was left on my brake pads and told me that they were almost brand new and I was good to go. I am always concerned that auto repair shops are going to take advantage and tell me that work needs to be done when it doesn't need to be so I'm thankful that they were honest even though it resulted in me not making any purchases that day (of course I am now inclined to return when my vehicle DOES need new brakes!). Also on 8/1/16 I brought my other vehicle in because the check engine light had been on indicating that there was a problem with a cylinder misfiring. The employees performed diagnostic work to figure out what was causing the error code. They determined that the cylinder was NOT actually misfiring and they did some research to find out why this error code had appeared. It sounds like if it IS indeed misfiring (which it wasn't) the issue is often a bad cylinder head. Then they went above and beyond and found out that Dodge has extended the warranty for cylinder heads on my vehicle to 150 000 miles (I'm only at 72 000) because this is a known issue. They informed me that should this actually become a problem the Dodge dealer will perform the work under warranty. THIS is what will keep me coming back to Meineke in Silverdale when my vehicles need work and what has me recommending Meineke to others. Of course nobody wants to pay for unnecessary work but I have to say that their honesty and not charging me for unnecessary work meant a lot to me as my family is on a pretty tight budget. Thank you for your honesty and integrity!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was helped immediately after I walked in to make an appointment, which turned out to be the next day.
- Tim K.
I had my car inspected for Uber and I got served in very quick fashion. I was very pleased.
- Randy D.
Eric was extremely helpful and went the extra mile to check into the Toyota recall on my Rav4 and my car is now undergoing the oil consumption test, which if it shows I'm using too much oil could end up saving me about $3000. I'm very grateful to him!
- Verified Meineke Customer
the staff answered all of my questions and they didn't try to sell me any unneeded service when I asked for service that was needed they let me know that it was unneccesary at this time that is one of the main reasons I only have service done here
- Verda T.
Great price and appreciate the detailed report. Quick and friendly service. Will return for future oil changes.
- Verified Meineke Customer
We came in because our brakes suddenly started to grind and we're treated so well! The manager Helped us out, and took care of all of our cars issues, and made sure to use the best coupon discounts they offered to help keep the price affordable! We were definitely impressed with Meineke staff helping us in a situation that is typically very stressful for us!
- Stevie M.
The staff is always so friendly and make the visit so pleasant. I love coming here, there is no reason to go anywhere else!
- Frankie D.
I requested an estimate to repair a certain item. I was given the estimate free of charge and given a printout of the necessary repairs.
- Archie M.
Staffs were a lot helpful on this visit and I am happy to say the problems on my brakes that was squeaking often is now fixed/cleaned, my brake lights are also working properly. I will continue to have my car serviced with your company so long my vehicle gets the honest service needed. Thank you for doing a great job this week for my van.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Both of the employees that I interacted with were extremely helpful and very friendly to me on both days I came in. I told my wife about my experience and she agreed that we have finally found a car place for life to go to whenever we are in need of some help. I cannot praise them enough for their professionalism and knowledge.
- Dallas P.
The staff members set me up with a discount card without me asking.. The staff members let me know what was recommended for my car as for as thing to get fixed.. Very friendly and helpful crew.
- Stephanie C.
The service and customer service were superb!
- Verified Meineke Customer
They answered all my question with a nice attitude. They explained what I needed in a informative way and did what I needed promptly.
- Nick G.
The manager was very professional All around good guy And the employees Were very knowledgeable which was great
- Tim M.
I would recommend my local Meineke franchisee. I would not recommend Meineke as a company. The local franchisee must build their own reputation. I do not like Meineke as a company.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was treated like I was their most important client.
- Asa A.
Fast friendly service went out of their way to take care of me and make sure that all my needs were met including a rental car
- Loretta Y.
Great crew, professional yet personable help. Extremely sufficient with noticing improper installation of other shops work. Documented the info to make it easy to face the culprits who did the bad work.
- Derek K.
I was very impressed by the friendly, professional, and efficient service I received.
- Maddy M.
Awesome customer service!!! Fixed a broken panel, brought me my car and didn't charge me.
- Nicole M.
Prompt service, clean waiting area with coffee, was able to make an appointment close to home, and was offered maintenance services that made sense for my car age, driving style, and future plans with a friendly and respectful demeanor.
- Heather F.
Howard and his team made sure I was completely happy, before I paid anything and did a great job on my brakes.
- Marci U.
General manager, Howard Foster, was awesome - friendly, explained what I had done the day of my service & what I'm needing to have done in the future, answered all questions & kept things in the shop moving along.
- Nancy M
I had a great customer service experience, felt that I could trust the employees and company, and received a reasonably priced quality experience as far as work done.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Howard and Dave were so understanding, helpful and kind! They were understanding of my difficult health & financial situation and patiently worked with my family and I. Very happy and greatful, these guys rock!
- Halley J.
Professional customer service. Taking digital pictures of my car and explanation of any problems. Affordable price, not jacked up like dealerships
- Verified Meineke Customer
I appreciated that they went through the whole inspection with me & had pictures to show me, including the dirty filter that needed replaced. They provided a concise estimate as to cost for everything that needed repaired & kept me updated with changes when my car was in their shop.
- Verified Meineke Customer

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