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Meineke #2038 Reviews

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The staff is always friendly and courteous and answers any questions I have and always recommend items that might be done but aren't pushy trying to get me to get it done. Liked the fact that after my tire service they sent me an email with the inspection they done with photos because I meant to ask them how my brakes were when they had the tires off, but I forgot. With the email and photos I was able to see for myself how they were.
- Jeannie P.

Meineke #2038 Tappahannock


1770 Ball Street

Tappahannock, VA 22560

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M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

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Additional Reviews

The staff is always friendly and courteous and answers any questions I have and always recommend items that might be done but aren't pushy trying to get me to get it done. Liked the fact that after my tire service they sent me an email with the inspection they done with photos because I meant to ask them how my brakes were when they had the tires off, but I forgot. With the email and photos I was able to see for myself how they were.
- Jeannie P.
Tappahannock Meineke is a great shop. These guys know what to do and how to get it done. They also answer questions and are quite friendly. There is nothing I could change about Gerald and his team.
- Erika B.
i have an older truck, they have gone over with me the issues that i was having and put in motion the plan to take care of the repairs.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff at the store where I took my car were great. They got me right in and out. I had just moved to the town and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and they made me feel like I was welcomed and since I am a female a lot of times you are made to feel stupid. Not so in this store at all. I will always take my car there and not to the dealership that is right there in town. It was a very good experience,
- Verified Meineke Customer
I always have a good experience there --Gerald is a professional and I trust what he tells me. I like the way that they will take you out and show you items of concern instead of just telling you. I am not acquainted with the service tech who performed this particular service, but I will say that AJ, who usually does my service is great--he is thorough and will work to diagnose an issue.
- Kathleen W.
Had a slow leak the night before and needed to go to a family reunion by 11:30. Was from out of town. Came in at 7 and they said they had 2 appts but would try to work me in. They had my car done by 8:45, even though one of the tires had a more complicated leak around the tire pressure sensor that required an "o" ring. Very customer friendly manager kept me posted on the status
- Drew T.
Oil change & tire rotation. Did have a problem with the cruise control. They said it would take some time after checking it. We did not want to stay. It was not all that important at the time. Ironically, it is now working but has done this before. Nice people good humor.
- Elizabeth F.
Great customer service
- I B.
their eyes were open
- Verified Meineke Customer
I had my tires rotated. The staff was very generous and on point.
- Stacy T.
The lady in the office was great, very knowledgeable, and friendly. They offered me a loaner so that I could go to work instead of sitting around waiting. They called me when they found another problem and gave an estimate for how much it would cost to fix the problem.
- Lisa K.
They took the time to fix the issue I was having before my deadline as well as finding and fixing other things that came up. They understood my needs and tailored their services to fit. I was extremely happy.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Still need to reset check engine light.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Everyone was friendly and helpful thank you
- Verified Meineke Customer
Staff went out of their way to squire needed parts quickly
- Gerry .
The service manager and team are great. They are courteous and anxious to help.
- Charles J.
COUPONS I LOVE ME SOME COUPONS. Also appointment scheduling and rescheduling. . . Your site is hella easy to maneuver through. Well done, Meineke staff
- Verified Meineke Customer
Gerald and AJ are awesome!
- Lisa S.
I was curious to see the technician taking pictures of various angles of my car. I was impressed by a follow-up email with complete details of the inspection and copies of these pictures.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Very professional and courteous. The only reason it took a little long was it was busy due to it being veterans day.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Gerald has been a draw for us for the past two years. He is calm caring good with explanations and accommodating. Sorry to have seen Jack the mechanic leave as he was a wealth of knowledge and competence on older CRVs --- AJ is filling that spot and I sincerely hope he has Jack's skills.
- Lu M.
I have gone to this location a number of times over the past couple of years. They have always been courteous and provided great service. As a woman theyhave always explained issues to me and shown me things when there has been something going on. Fantastic staff and wonderful service.
- Heather A.
The owner and mechanics have taken time to know me and my vehicles and they take special care.
- Judi C.
The service manager is the best. He is always pleasant informative and anxious to help. Every business should be so lucky as to have a service manager like him.
- Charles J.
Gerald the service mgr is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to car service. Great service at this location
- Roy L.
a/c was stopped up and leaking water on floor of car. Problem was corrected and no problems since. My cars and truck are fixed the first time I bring them in. GREAT service and great service team!!
- Roy L.
I would recommend this place to everyone Gerald and the staff here at Meinicke was very professional and helpful I've gotten my car worked on several times here and they did a wonderful job no complaints no problems at all
- Troy E.
Gerald and AJ take very good care of me. They work around my schedule. They take the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions. They go above and beyond to make it a good experience. I always request AJ to work on my vehicle. I love going to this Meineke and won't take my vehicles anywhere else. I recommend them to everyone and make it known on my social media that they rock and roll there. So glad to have them local to me.
- Lisa S.
The guys I dealt with in Tappahanock were professional and knowledgable. Good experience.
- Mike D.
Have always worked on my vehicles myself, but as I am getting older (born in 1940), I find it much easier, faster, and quicker to take them to the professionals at Meineke. Thanks!
- Tom A.
My car overheated on a Saturday trip and I limped into the Tappahannock VA Meineke location at about noon. They were busy but got my car in within an hour to pressure test the cooling system. The problem was a radiator leak requiring complete replacement.The mechanic ( J. Cason) completed the job by about 3:30 and I observed him retesting the system (for example ensuring the radiator fans energize as expected). I was impressed with everyone's courtesy and professionalism. This was a pretty labor intensive repair and I was pleased with how quickly Mr. Cason completed it. I obviously was not in a position to comparison shop and I thought the cost to repair quite reasonable. After one week, the system remains tight (leak-free, no diminishment in reservoir level). I have employed my local Hampton VA Meineke for many years and through a couple changes of ownership. I have always been pleased with their work. I will continue to recommend Meineke to family and acquaintances.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Very satisfied , had A/C checked. They found the problem, got it fixed and I was on my way. Cost was reasonable and staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Certainly will go back.
- Brenda H.
Good location, met my time requirements, and accommodated my other business needs
- Verified Meineke Customer
I am from out of state brought in my mother's car to get it looked over after a discussion we addressed all safety issues to be repaired. The manager and tech took very good care of her car. Next day engine light came on staff was great about working her in to ck. It was a loose air hose. I had already left to head home to Texas. I felt like they were trustworthy to look after her as needed. Upon a drive through visit my personal car needed an oil change I waited until I could have them take care of my car when I was in Tappahannock. The Manager and Techs were very professional and friendly. (Former Auto Lube Manager)
- Sandra M.
the tappahanock staff at meineke was very helpful and courteous they explained the problem on my car and then showed me what was wrong and how to repair the problem special thanks goes out to Mike and Gerald for their expertise
- Verified Meineke Customer
The guy inspected our car even though we did not have an appointment. Very nice guy. I will definitely go back
- Nicolle B.
Gerald and his crew ALWAYS do a wonderful job in providing overall great service. I've recommended them to my mother who just moved to the area and she loved them as well. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
- Lisa S.
Always great sevice at my Tappahannock location , always fix my tires and stand by them
- Amanda W.
As you can tell from my answers on the previous questions, I was very satisfied with everything that was done and everyone I came in contact with. The workers at this location were very professional and I was very impressed. Thank you very much.
- Dorothy S.
SCHEDULED MY WORK ASAP even though I came in without an appointment. Sales rep was so helpful.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Awesome service, and the time was great.. They were very professional
- Keshia N.
Excellent service, friendly staff who always provides the best solution. Highly recommended.
- Verified Meineke Customer
You guys always make my car run better. Everyone is all like, "mechanics are liars and thieves," and I just think, "Well dang, they must really love me and my car because Meineke always takes good care of me and my car." Sometimes I'm just not willing to fight about cars with people. But when people ask me where I take my car, I say Meineke. =] Thanks for saving my car! You guys rock.
- Verified Meineke Customer
You did a good job and explained things to me
- Charlotte T.
A perfect experience every time I bring my vehicle there
- Bob P.
No problems. Got in and got out less than a hour from my scheduled appointment time for my oil change.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I trust Gerald and the entire team at this Meinke. If they tell me I need work done, then I know I need to get it done. They don't take advantage of customers.
- Phyllis C.
I was in and out very quickly. They do a great job!
- Daniel B.
Very friendly, extremely helpful and did a great job !!! They also sent a email - suggesting what maintance is needed. I could not open the link to read the suggestion. Other than that it was great. I would definitely recommend this Meineke !!!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I feel like my car is in good hands at my local Meineke. The staff is attentive, professional and knowledgeable.
- Kathleen W.
Fantastic all the way around. Gerald. AJ. Mica. Always go above and beyond. They keep me safe on the road. I trust them and rely on them. The best team meineke could hope you have.
- Barbarba J.
Always very nice and helpful work so far has always been good!
- Calvin C.
My local Meineke is great. They know me and my vehicles and I get great service there. I am always confident that my vehicles are well taken care of and checked out thoroughly.
- Kathleen W.
Micah is amazing and friendly. They work quickly and explain everything they are doing as well as email the report
- Verified Meineke Customer
Reliable dependable technicians give you good service. They will let you know what repairs your car needs.
- Julia C
Elijah Brown did an awesome job. It didn't take very long.
- Andy S
Gerald, AJ and Micah here in Tappahannock go out of their way to please. And this is everyday. Recently, my 93 Range Rover had an AC problem. Not a lot of parts out there for a 25 year old Rover. Especially for the AC unit. But, Micah didn't let that stop him. He studied the issue and came up with a custom solution that brought the AC unit back to life. It now blows ICE cold and works like it's brand new. Of course, there are more stories like this one, trust me.
- Bob J
Very prompt service. I really like the digital pictures emailed for future reference. Great feature!
- Brian M.

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