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Meineke #70 Reviews

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I like the team at this meineke and Fritz is a very honest & knowledgeable guy. I know I can trust him and he made sure I understood where my brakes were as far as the brake pads etc. and it was done quickly. He also discussed my other vehicle issues with me and I have a plan to come back for those when I can. It feels good to know I have an honest mechanic that I can bring my car to.
- Linda B.

Meineke #70 Salt Lake City


3149 South State Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84115-3822

Center Hours: Open Now

M-F 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (801) 448-7926

Additional Reviews

change of fuel pump on Subaru outback, Fritz is as usually very helpful as well other mechanic who even show and explained what was wrong with old fuel pump. But here is thing why I'm coming back to that store for repairs: couple years ago I had problem with Pontiac GTG6/08 and recommendation was to changed spark plugs, so I took it to XX mechanic and ask them just to do that they did it but... same day I was close by this meineke store and same thing happened to the car so I pull over to the store and ask Fritz if he can just replace spark plugs. To make this story short first mechanic XX I took my car replace only 3 front spark plugs not all 6 I asked for. I like this meineke store. Thanks
- Verified Meineke Customer
In a day when it is a great find to come across an honest mechanic I fully trust every member of the team at this Meineke location. Lynn Fritz and Richard are knowledgeable and professional.
- Clinton J.
Lynn at this location is the consummate professional.
- Clinton J.
They were very reliable on easy to find the problem of my car and fix it right away. Very please for the service.
- Rosa P.
Lynn Fritz and Chris are great to deal with. They make you feel like they care about you and your car.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Fritz is always great. Super honest, quick, and they always have great pricing
- Brandon P.
This Meineke location and staff have been the only auto shop to touch my vehicle in the last 12 years. The team (managed by Fritz) are very polite, courteous, and honest. I recommend this location to all my family members and friends. I will continue to utilize this location as long as they are in business. I sent my daughter to this location for her first visit, but she ended up getting lost and went to a different Meineke for an oil change. When she came home, she stated that oil changes were expensive. I asked how much Fritz charged her and she said $160.00, my mouth dropped to the floor. I called Fritz and that is when I found out she ended up going to a different location because she was lost. I asked what they did, she told me they kept adding things on to what needed to be done and fixed. I found this kind of funny as she had just purchased the vehicle a few months before from our dealership we do business with and everything was good then. For her second oil change, I had her follow me to Fritz's location and low and behold, the oil change was regular price, minus the discount as Fritz felt bad about her first experience with the other shop. If Meineke hands out awards to their employees for exemplary customer service, Fritz definitely deserves one. Thank you,
- Dave D.
Since 3 years ago, I still Take my car for oil change and other issues and they really take care of it without any complaints . I trust them and they also do their job or work very good.
- Franklin M.
they are always so nice and only charge me for what needs fixed and they are fast and efficient
- George & Tama F.
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