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Meineke #240 Reviews

Average rating: 78 reviews

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Vicky was great and got me right in for service, the only thing I don't know if I got my veterans discount and I also paid $28.00 instead of $19.95, I should have said something but I didn't.
- Anthony P.

Meineke #240 Mechanicsburg


6510 Carlisle Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

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Additional Reviews

Vicky was great and got me right in for service, the only thing I don't know if I got my veterans discount and I also paid $28.00 instead of $19.95, I should have said something but I didn't.
- Anthony P.
very honest inspection compared to most..made recommendations of service that would be needed in the near future
- Joe S.
I mentioned to the young lady on the front desk about my tight schedule and she followed through for me. I really appreciated her .
- Dick S . .
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. The staff made the visit worthwhile.
- Chris Pinkerton.
Vicki, the store manager, helped me and was very professional with her explanation of the service I needed. She also was friendly and we mannered. I plan to come back to this location because of her outstanding customer service!
- Trish T.
The overall performance of the employees was great and I definitely would come back again thanks again
- Scott P.
I had scheduled an appointment online, but circumstances required that I cancel that appointment and make a new one. The staff member who spoke to me on the phone was very courteous and flexible. She rescheduled my appointment for the following week. My car needed state inspection and emissions testing. The windshield wiper blades that I needed were covered by reward points. I appreciate that the associate did not try to twist my arm into more services that I do not need.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was out of state during a holiday weekend when I needed emergency repair work done and despite being busy this Mechanicsburg, Pa Meineke was able to acommodate me. Staff was excellent from office to mechanic. The only reason I said I would not recommend this shop to friends is because I was out of state. Had this been my neighborhood Meineke, I would absolutely recommend them.
- George P.
Always a great experience. I know they are taking care of my car and not cheating me like other car care centers I've been to.
- Emily S.
I was extremely pleased with how informative the staff was with my car along with hearing explanations towards other guests while waiting for my car to be ready. Colton is amazing! He found things with my car that past shops never saw and or changed and made sure I was aware, explained a lot to me so I had more knowledge with my car, and then took care of those problems for me. I will be continuing to come here from here on out that is for sure!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I want to start with my last two visits. The first was because my brakes were squealing a little, and when I took my car for inspection at the garage where I bought the vehicle they told me it was just a little dust . I knew that was not the case because of the sound of it. It started to squeal all the time so I took it to your shop because I had some prior work done by you and I was very satisfied with the work that was done then. Well, thank God I did stop there because I found out that not only were my brakes bad, they were stuck and had to be broken off. Which means the other place never even looked at them, they just put a sticker on it. I also found out that my CV joint was held together with a lot of grease and prayer. I had to spend a small fortune that day but at least I know that the job was done right and I am a little safer. On my last visit I needed an oil change and I wanted some cold air in my car because it wasn't working right. Now after inspecting the unit I was told I needed a new one and that this one had a small leak in it. But I took a chance because I didn't have much money left and just asked them to recharge it anyway. I am glad for now that I took that chance because so far she is working just fine, I am hoping that it will last the summer out at least. I want to thank you all for showing me everything that has been wrong with my little car . Your mechanic was very wise and took me step by step showing me every little detail. I used to work in a garage a long time ago and I used to repair brakes and transmissions so I knew what he was telling me was the truth. But, what really got me was the genuine concern for my safety, even though the mechanic did not know me. I am very happy with your staff and your mechanics for everything they have helped me with so far. I will continue to use your services and let all my friends know about the great staff you have on Carlisle Pike. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
- Angela M.
I had lost a cord on one of my tires on out trip down to Carlisle on the AWFUL Pennsylvania roads. I decided as we checked into our hotel that it should be looked at. It happened to be quite near the hotel. We went in, they got us right in and found the issue immediately. Vicky (Mgr) and service tech were great, they had a tire and we were done it less than 90 minutes. I expected the price to be much higher. While it wasn't what I could have paid (and did) on line for a tire $170 vs $119.99 (through Discount Tire Direct), the emergency situation warranted the inability to "shop around" and I understand. However the courtesy and excellent service let me enjoy the rest of the weekend without having to worry about our travel home. Thank You
- Verified Meineke Customer
My Meineke location is able to fix things on my Jeep liberty outside of normal maintenance without having to take to a dealership. Also the rewards points are great then I can use them to get free oil changes, etc.
- Wayne T.
stopped at meineke in Harrisonburg va and the asst service was outstanding and replaced my altinator inan hour=because we were returning frm floridas=Tahoe 20-02. thank you
- Verified Meineke Customer
Mike and the service staff are really EXCELLENT. They do the job well, on time, and don't try to have me pay for more than I need. Plus, the quality for the price is OUTSTANDING. Best place around -- hands down. Great people, great service, great work.
- Scott M.
Staff members, very friendly, made getting my car worked on very easy too work around ny schedule.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I came in for exhaust work that was done in a timely manner and the quality of work was perfect
- Douglas H.
Meineke gave me an appointment that met my needs right away. The write-up person, Vicki, is always friendly, courteous and helpful and willing to meet nearly any request I may have. John, the owner, is the very model of a profession car care dealer owner.
- Robert G.
Your mechanic was very kind and knew exactly what was wrong with my car. He showed me what was wrong and told me they would have it fixed in about 4 hours which was reasonable. After looking at the parts online & looking at the labor involved I was satisfied with the price and work performed. Well done!!
- Angela M.
The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.
- Kevin S.
I needed an o2 sensor replaced and I couldn't get it out but they couldn't either so they cut the pipe and welded a new piece in making it possible to install the new o2 sensor the service advisor Vikki was so nice and understanding it was the one on Carlisle pike in Mechanicsburg pa I won't go anywhere else for repairs that I can't do myself. I am 100% satisfied with my service
- Douglas H.
they where up front and honest about everything i needed done
- Charlene S.
Thorough explanation of needed repairs discount coupon applied and rebate information explained in detail. We always receive top notch service from Meineke on Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg PA.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The Meineke shop on the Carlisle Pike treated me extremely well. The manager acknowledged that they had made a mistake while repairing my brakes on a previous visit. He went above and beyond to make things right for me. I can't say enough good things about the professionalism and service that I received.
- Jeff F.
staff always seems to know my name when I go in, makes me feel that I am appreciated!
- Juanita W.
Caring, competent professionals made my visit a relaxed and secure experience.
- Joe M.
I went there for Veterans Day special and my experience with the staff was absolutely great. On behalf of my Army Veterans I want to say Thank You.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Got my car fixed quickly, Mike at the desk is aways friendly and helpful. Jereme Calaman always gets me in and out quickly and always does a good job on my car and explains every service to me
- Peggy A.
your staff was well organized and very friendly
- Gregg G.
The experience was everything you would want in car service.would use meineke again. I liked Mike he made the experience more enjoyable
- Michael C.
Vehicle was checked in shortly after arrival and completed in good time.
- Wayne T.
I thought the lady at the counter was great, friendly & very responsive
- Jay B.
Front desk guy is is great
- Jorden L.
I had been having problems with my car and I was dealing with the people I bought it from. I kept telling them what was going on with it but every time I took the car to them they would clear the code and send it back. I finally went to a dealership and paid 103.00 to have my cars codes properly read. Now armed with the codes, (and then finding out I could have had it done for free at another location) The dealership tried to sway me into buying another transmission. I drove this car and knew it wasn't the transmission. So I started researching why my car was doing the things it was doing. I came to the conclusion that it was probably the speed sensor. So after calling a few garages and being told that I needed a new transmission, I didn't know what I was talking about, and that they didn't do that by almost everyone I called, I called meineke. I talked to Mike, after discussing what I thought was going on vs what everyone was telling me Mike agreed that I was probably right and agreed to just replace the speed sensor. Not only did he make me feel like he knew what he was talking about he also made me feel at ease and even gave me the price it would cost to fix it. I had called 18 places that day. Three said they would replace it but they didn't know how much it would cost until they did the work. Being a former mechanic myself, years ago, this was not satisfactory to me. After taking the car to meineke, they fixed what I asked them to fix and test drove it. Mike said he drove it himself and it was good to go. They gave me the keys and I took her home, fixed in an hour. She has been working fine ever since. I want to take this time to wish my mechanics a very Joyous Holiday Season and I want to thank them and Mike for believing in me. Thank you for fixing Blue(my car).Happy Holidays Everyone!!
- Angela M.
Delivered what they promised; very professional staff
- Bob G.
I brought my car into Meineke on the Carlisle Pike for check engine light problems. I borrowed a loaner car because they were diagnosing my car for 3 days. I had to call every day to check on it because nobody would call me to tell me what was going on. Mike, who works the front desk, was very friendly and helpful. He kept me updated about what they were finding and replacing, even when his shift had just started. I am very thankful that this auto shop lets you borrow cars and for Mike's dedication to making customers happy.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Mike and his team do outstanding work.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I made my appointment with Mike. He is always great to talk to about my car's problems. Paul, the technician, who serviced my car, is a very knowledgeable person who was able to answer all of my questions while carrying himself in a very professional manner. By the time it was all finished, all 3 of my car problems were solved. Paul even replaced a pair of worn out tires that would not pass inspection next month.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I got my wheels aligned at Meineke. Afterwards, the wheels were still pulling to the right. I called and let the guys know. Mike set me up with an appointment the next day to bring it back in to get this corrected. Something about the new tires I had, made it difficult to get the wheels aligned. Mike had his guys take the extra time to ensure he got the job done to the best of his ability. The process involved rotating tires back and forth until they got it to the point where they believed it pulled "the least." When I drove off the lot, I noticed a BIG improvement from before. The pulling is hardly noticeable now. Mike didn't even charge me for the service on this visit, as they hadn't "completed" the job on my last visit. I have only had this one bad service experience from Meineke so far, but Mike was insistent on correcting this. I was very pleased, and I will definitely continue to go to Mike when I need service on my vehicle.
- Jacob K.
The management staff was super helpful in describing the work my vehicle needed and were straight forward. They didn't try to up charge me and the work was done very well-my brakes feel great and the price was very reasonable. They even gave me a ride home while my truck was being worked on. This team represents Meineke well.
- Matt N.
Great staff ! Great knowledge and most importantly they did not try to upsell services!! Manager of the location is a great guy.
- Vladan S.
Besides having my oil change completed I also had my engine starter replaced. The staff was informative and experienced which made my decision process simpler.
- Robert H.
This visit was special in that I called ahead, unplanned, while returning to Mechanicsburg from DC. They were able to take me in right at the end of my journey. Perfect!
- Verified Meineke Customer
This comment applies to all my visits in the past. I always appreciate how thorough the guys who work on my car seem to be and readily correct any errors. The guys who work the front desk are always helpful and pleasant. I always feel like I'm getting decent advice on what needs to be done on my car but never pressured and never get the sense I might be getting ripped off on costs of service. They're always upfront about that and pretty on target when it comes to paying the bill (always calling to alert me of any "surprises" they didn't initially plan on or catch, that may also need attended to). I am satisfied with this particular garage's workmanship and service and will continue to patronize them. As long as I have my current car (should I purchase something new in the near future however, I may consider utilizing the dealership's service till my warranty runs out; but I will "always" keep Meineke in my book!) Just f.y.i. - I don't intend to fill out anymore surveys, unless there's "a problem." And if there's no problems, you can assume I continue to feel "very satisfied" with my service with this company!
- Laurie S.
The guys always get the job done and are very friendly! Thanks!
- Jake K.
The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, patient and the service was performed quicker than expected. This is my second visit to this shop because the first visit was a great experience.
- Verified Meineke Customer
First time visiting meineke, great experience
- Verified Meineke Customer
Went in for an oil change with tire rotation. They couldn't rotate due to the way tires were wearing down. The gentlemen behind the counter was nice enough to point this out and didn't charge me extra for that particular oil change. They only charged for the basic. I didn't have a rewards card & he made sure i got one & explained to me what i could get buy using it. I wish I could remember his name because he was so nice & helpful.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The associate showed me where the issue was with my vehicle, and explained the fix, pointing to exactly what was going to be corrected.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The Carlisle pike location is always, in my experience, honest. That is very important to me and the sad fact is most garages and mechanics are generally dishonest. Your prices are sometimes high, but the honesty and friendliness goes a long way to softening that blow.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Mike is very pleasant all times. Helpful and prompt!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Friendly staff quick service shop was clean and in order.
- James K.
Completed car needs as a walk in request with in 1 hour, great customer service
- Verified Meineke Customer
I love everyone here! It's nice to walk in and be called by my name and everyone always has a smile!
- Laura M.
You replaced all 4 breaks and rooters. They did a great job. I really like the life time warranty on the breaks. Keep up the good work.
- Steven H.
The staff at this location are extremely helpful and friendly plus they bend over backwards to get you in and out and on your way without to much inconvenience.
- Richard G.
Mike and his team are wonderful. Always willing to go the extra mile and always helpful. I have been bringing my car here for over 10 years and I have never had a bad experience. Love these guys!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Staff was knowledgeable and provided good service answered all of of my questions and accepted a Meineke coupon for services rendered which helped to decrease my total Bill. The manager Michael Poger showed a lot of integrity and professionalism.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I like that I can schedule an appointment online. The friendliness of staff was wonderful. The entire experience was easy, and that was a beautiful thing.
- Tara B.
The transmission leak was fixed and other things that needed repaired were taken care of plus I was able to use my free oil change from the Veteran's day promotion.
- Wayne T.
I spoke to "Mike" on several occasions about recommended repairs to my vehicle. I was given a fair price and the service was completed in a timely manner. Mike was very knowledgeable and helpful, but he never tried to pressure me into making additional repairs.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Every time I go in I am always greeted and treated like a top priority customer. The staff is always friendly and they all try to get you back on the road as quickly as possible and never cut any corners. My personal experience has always been great with the work getting done right the first time every time.
- Jason M.
The people there are great. I go there all the time, that's why I realize that they charged me a bit more than usual, and claimed that my car needed extra oil for the oil change. And the other services they recommended: I acknowledge that my car does need some service but I prefer to get a 2nd opinion from my regular car service guy - the prices given at this location were extravagant.
- Mark H.
The Store Manager, Mike, is the consummate professional. Customer Service skills, attention to detail, professional appearance and demeanor is second to none in any industry. His sales skills toward maintenance services needed down the road, is non threatening and makes me look forward to a return service for my vehicle. His sales mentor should be excited and proud of Mike. Kudos all around.
- Neil F.
Excellent services, prices, and great customer service. Also ease of making appointments and rewards program!
- Kayla Y.
Nice, friendly and thorough employees. Free loaner car while work was being on my car.
- Verified Meineke Customer
It is easy to make an appointment. Service has always been great. People are courteous.
- Paul B.
I like this store, I get an appointment right away, its location is convenient, prices are good.
- Dana Y.
Pleasant service people, price quoted was final charge. Was offered a loaner car at no charge. Repair works was done in a timely matter.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Good customer service, qualified technicians and always upfront on anything that needs done - appreciate the specials for oil changes and routine maintenance.
- Mike R.
Everything went so smooth and they even gave me a ride back to my job while they worked on my vehicle and came back to my job to take me back over to Meineke to get my car when they were finished with it! Absolutely Fabulous customer service! I will be back for sure. Love them!
- Natalie M.
Convenient location, quick inspection, and did not bother me about ordering parts/service I didn't really need. And a coupon I could use.
- Zachary S.
Great place. Owner operator is a fantastic individual to work with.
- Robert K
I had a warranty battery issue, and Meineke took care of it. Well done.
- Scott M
John and his employees have always treated me very well there. It's clean and gives you the feeling of being at home.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Every time I visit, I am treated with respect and honesty even if I am a douchebag.
- Chris P.
Very friendly and professional. Casey and his staff were great and I was in and out of there in no time. Also very nice to be able to use a coupon and save a few dollars for my inspection.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Always seem to do a good job and have been fair in the past. I didn't expect the immediate appointment and literally had my car back in an hour.
- Dean C.

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