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Meineke #2005 Reviews

Average rating: 38 reviews

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Josh at the front desk was very friendly and knowledgeable.
- Brent H.

Meineke #2005 Broken Arrow


710 North Aspen Avenue

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (918) 615-4586

Additional Reviews

Josh at the front desk was very friendly and knowledgeable.
- Brent H.
The location treats me as a valued customer and as a business I have used the location as a positive example of excellent customer service and quality workmanship.
- Mark G.
I came in for an oil change and walked out with great information on the maintenance I need for my car. I am very pleased especially because I was given a print out sheet of what work needs to be done and for how much. Thank you!
- Verified Meineke Customer
People were friendly and offered services that made sense with out being pushy. All and all a comfortable experience. I will cetainly contue to take my business there.
- Josh W.
Don and his staff were helpful, friendly, and courteous! I came in for an oil change and ended up needing my ball joint replaced. I left my truck overnight and they fixed it timely the next day. Don was even nice enough to arrange a ride home for me if needed. As long as Don is at this location, I will not take my vehicles any where else for future needs!
- Shane R.
Josh is my man. One reason I come back for service. Great mechanics.
- Terrence H.
Staff is always nice. I've used this store for eight years.
- Verified Meineke Customer
This is the best car-care shop. The stereotypes of crooked mechanics does not show here at all. The guys are always honest and straight to the point. They are always willing to help. Josh is extremely excellent, I can't express how great Josh is and the mechanic that usually works on my vehicles (don't know his name but the paper says Tech is DCU) does a fantastic job. It really relieves my stress and anxiety about car troubles knowing that I live 5 minutes away from this Meineke. I first came to you guys for an oil change about a year ago and now I come to you guys for anything I need fixed. Such a great company, a good price and I just love it. Happy that I can be assured knowing that when my vehicle is with you; that it is in great hands.
- Chris A.
The guy at the desk is very friendly & professional.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Everyone was attentive prompt and efficient.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Thanks so much for being considerate for taking me to and picking me up from my job site.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Josh at the counter was helpful, and the technician who brought the car around was polite.
- Brent W.
Josh was great. He took care of everyone as they came in quickly and efficiently.
- Clyde S.
Josh at the Aspen location in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma did a great job taking care of a rather large and busy Veteran's Day clientele. He was helpful and honest about waiting times and any additional information that customers needed. I won't go any where else after this very positive experience.
- Mark G.
Don and Josh are always professional courteous and transparent with the work and repair required for my car. I always take my vehicle into this location because I trust that they won't steer me in a wrong direction and provide quality work.
- Tamara G.
Everything was great.
- Eric S.
Josh is awesome and why I come back. He needs a raise!
- Vicki B.
Josh was helpful as usual and took care of my needs quickly and professionally.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Checked brakes. Replaced back brakes and checked and adjusted air pressure on all 4 tires. Staff explained clearly the issues with the rakes and air pressure. Very polite and friendly. Lobby and bathroom were nice and clean.
- Verified Meineke Customer
As usual, great affordable service with wonderful staff!!
- Mary J.
I had the transmission fluid flushed. It was completed in a timely manner. But when I drove it again I noticed some transmission fluid leaking near a tube that connects the transmission to the cooler in the radiator. I called Meineke and they quickly saw me, near 6pm, which was closing time. They diagnosed the problem as a weak clamp and crackly tube, replaced the tube and the clamp and even cleaned up the undercarriage of the Jeep. At no extra cost. The crew seems very knowledgeable and were very friendly with customers. They showed me the problem in the shop, talked about projects. They were very trustworthy which is extremely important for mechanics. I'll recommend this place to anyone looking for a trustworthy mechanic that can do a little more than just an oil change.
- Austin B.
The manager (Don) and staff are all professional and make you feel right at home like family.
- Mary Bu.
I worked with Don; we scheduled an appointment for later that morning after my doctor visit. I couldn't make it and he was very polite and accommodating to reschedule me for the next morning. I love that my car and steering wheel aren't dirty when I get it back. Other places seem to grease up the steering wheel. The Meineke staff is always polite and professional.
- Laura J.
The Meineke in Broken Arrow Oklahoma on Aspen Ave is awesome. The employees know me by name (and I only come in a few times a year) and treat me like family. I wish every store I visited was like this Meineke. I feel like I am being treated fairly and told the truth. They worry about my vehicle's safety because I honestly believe they worry about my five boys and wife driving. This store is should be a model for the rest of your stores. The guys who are in charge at the Aspen store should be teaching others how to do things the right way. In a day when people don't care, this store breaks the mold and cares.
- John Wi.
I have been coming to this Meineke Service Location for many years. My husband, now deceased, and I have always been treated with the utmost respect and have never been dissatisfied with the level of service received. The young man on the front desk, Josh I believe is his name, is SUPER professional, NO PRESSURE, VERY knowledgeable and EXTREMELY gracious. Thank you for your continued SUPERLATIVE service to me and my vehicles.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Ive been to multiple shops (from mom and pop shops to big names like midas) in the last few months for car repairs. Alot of visits were repeats under warranty because things didnt actually get fixed. Of all the shops I have been to Meineke is the first one I have been to where I did not wonder if i was being cheated, did not feel like I was talked down to for being a girl, or have to leave my car a ridiculous amount of time. I came in for an oil change and then trusted them to do a cv drive shaft repair and I have no issues. Definitely will trust them with my car in the future.
- Kathryn S.
I just the workers. Always nice and always great customer service. The workers know their customers
- Amy H.
I had a considerable amount of work done. I got an estimate but when I took the car in for service the gentleman looked over the estimate that I was given and because of new specials he was able to save me additional money. Basically I ended up adding a high mileage oil change on top of the repairs for around $20 more. I also love that you offer discounts to women on Wednesdays.
- Verified Meineke Customer
My oil change was done quickly and efficiently. Josh told me that soon I should consider a brake flush and an air filter change. When I return for the next oil change I will have the brake work done and the air filter changed. It is helpful for me to know that maintenance is coming up so that I can plan both time and money to have the work done and avoid a crisis.
- Percy B.
I had an appointment but I was running a little late. I called to let them know and see if I needed to reschedule. The manager told me that if I could get there by 5:30 they could still get my oil changed. I got there at 5:23 and they got right to my car. I was greeted by one of the workers and told that someone would be right with me. They were very nice. I definitely will be back!
- Mel L.
The service was amazing. The gentleman took the time to tell me how my oil looked when changing and suggested I come in sooner than the typical mileage for the change to get the old out of there. Also I was told about my air filter and was able to go purchase one and replace it myself. Also when I called for my apt the team was able to get me in right away despite cutting it close to closing time. SERVICE WAS AMAZING!!! :)
- Rachelle O.
Dan was able to get the problem diagnosed before closing and repair was done early the next morning. Josh is always helpful and has given me a ride home when I had to leave the car for repairs.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I usually go to the Meineke on 49th and Memorial for my oil changes because it is closest to where I live but they were full and couldn't get me in until later that afternoon. So I decided to call your branch because I was driving to Omaha NE and needed to get on the highway before noon. The clerk was very pleasant and told me to come in and that they could get to my car in right away. I was very happy because I didn't want to have to go to another auto care center. Also I didn't want to miss out on the special you were having on oil change packages. I was able to get everything I needed checked before taking my road trip. I felt safe and assured that I would not have any car problems along the way; however I did encounter my air tire pressure light coming on before I left to return to Tulsa. I found a Jiffy Lube near by and had the air pressure checked and was on my way. Eventually the light went out as I got down the road . Otherwise everything was good. I drove approximately 800 mile around trip and made it back home safely. I also noticed how clean your shop and bathroom was and gave a compliment to the clerk. Oh and I can leave out the complimentary coffee and how nice and personable the clerk was to me. You guys made my day!!! I plan to make your location my main branch from now on. Thank you Subrina
- Subrina C.
We've been coming to Meijer for years. We ALWAYS are treated with respect and efficiency. The work is always excellent and fast. This location is very convenient to our home and there's no reason to go elsewhere!! Keep up the excellent work!! Thank you for the opportunity to let you know!!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was a walk in, but was still treated as a valued customer, where other places acted as if it was a nuisance. I was taken care of in very reasonable amount of time. The associate even signed me up so that I would get emailed offers and discounts. I was a first time customer, but it won't be my last visit there!
- Stephanie H.
Rick is the best!!! I always call him to make the appt & he always remembers me!!
- Amber K.
Each and every time I go to Meineke, I am treated with only respect, excellence and kindness by all the servicemen there. Even when I have an emergency need, they handle it immediately and ALWAYS with a smile!!!
- Mary J
Very friendly and tell me what needs to be done in future services.
- Kayla M.

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