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Meineke #2304 Reviews

Average rating: 84 reviews

Featured Review

All of the men at the Battleground Ave. location (Greensboro, NC) were wonderful! They were helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and although very fast, they were focus on the task and doing it right.
- Verified Meineke Customer

Meineke #2304 Jamestown


405 W. Main Street

Jamestown, NC 27282

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (336) 899-0510

Additional Reviews

All of the men at the Battleground Ave. location (Greensboro, NC) were wonderful! They were helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and although very fast, they were focus on the task and doing it right.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill Bridges does great work.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Joe and his staff are the best!
- Maggie C.
The whole team did a wonderful job.
- Daniel N.
The website site don't work for appointments
- Duke Ha.
Received a hand written note after my visit, which was a great touch. Also, did a great job in repairing my AC unit. Very happy with the service!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Had the best deal on tires for the money...exceptional service from everyone at the location.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Everyone was very pleasant friendly and easy going
- Cera A.
I've always had a wonderful experiences at Meineke
- Beverly C.
The technician found a nail in a tire which he repaired.
- William A.
I appreciate the help and truthfulness of recommendations.
- Lekisha P.
Fast and friendly didn't have appt but treated like I did.
- Verified Meineke Customer
It's always a great experience here at the Jamestown , NC location
- Stan U.
I love this shop and the staff. This was not my first visit here. On the prior visits the staff went way above and beyond to help me. I won't go anywhere else unless referred by them.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Service from the front desk was amazing. Quick work getting my oil changed, absolutely great service all around
- Dirk D.
The staff was great with their communication with me about the maintenance my jeep needed. I felt like they were honest and very fair.
- Kim S.
Jason spent a lot of time diagnosing a inconsistent problem. He took his time to diagnose the problem and explain the thought process throughout the day. It's much appreciated.
- Jamie M.
I have a 2010 Traverse which can have a front strut problem when place on a hoist that I did not know about. Your staff found the Chevy maintenance bulletin that explained the problem and how to "fix" it without replacing the strut.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Quick appointment time and fast service, polite/professional staff, an inside cool waiting area
- Karen D.
I really like the report that was emailed to me. Very informative and it had pictures of the recommended service.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staffs have always displayed professionalism and courteous in their approach and recommendaions.
- Satar O.
I appreciated the photos of my car I could view on my computer
- William A.
I would not visit another car care place. I always experience excellent service here. They are the best!
- Olivia H.
The staff was so helpful and the service was awesome! Very thankful to have them close by!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Friendly. Let me know there was a wait due to busy day. Took care of car. Noted some things via email that might need attention. Quick check out.
- Donna Smith S.
They did what I asked and I have never felt like they were looking to find ways to charge me for things to fix. They have always been honest and trustworthy.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Not sure of the names but everyone there did a great job. The most impressive part of the visit is that they sent a email showing your car issues and not just telling you.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff was friendly and professional. They instilled confidence that they would do a good job and I wouldn't have to return for the same problem. I have not, It's running fine. I will continue to partner with this meineke and staff.
- Leslie J.
- Verified Meineke Customer
fast and friendly service
- Eva H.
I love that I left my car and they called me to see if I wanted them to change the air filter. ( It needed it) Then called me when it was done.
- Mary K.
I've been an automotive technician for over 15 years, and one thing impressed me above all. Even though I just dropped my car off for an oil change I had no idea that after I picked it up, and got home I'd be recieving a text message with pictures of my car in detail. Never have I seen this done, and even though I know my car it's good to see they show you things regardless of service needs. This proves everything and removes doubt. Very impressed!
- David M.
Joe and his staff are excellent and I trust them...which is the most important reason why I will continue to bring my car there for service!
- Maggie C.
This location is very good. Merry, Jason and Nick take very good care of my vehicles. I don't go anywhere else.
- Don J.
They were very friendly and accommodating. Thank u
- Mercedes C.
Treatment exceed expectations
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was worried about a hose that had become unplugged after running over some tire tracks. Joe the owner was extremely helpful. He was very honest and more than fair in his repairs. He could have very easily taken advantage of me and chose to be honest and service me with minimal costs. I was in and out of there in no time. I had been worried about the damages that were done earlier in the morning on the way to class. I could not believe what a remarkable experience I had. In a world where vehicle repair shops have gained such bad reps Meineke in Jamestown stands out far above the rest for there honesty efficiency and professionalism. Thank you!
- Fabian S.
I liked the camera views of the inaccessible parts of my vehicle to see what condition things are in.
- William A.
I made an appointment and actually arrived a little early. They went a head and took my car to complete the oil change. Everyone was very polite and friendly. This is my second visit and I intend to continue going to this Meineke for my car. Thank you.
- Dawn H.
Thanks. very friendly people and professional.
- Pepe F.
When I called to get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix my AC unit the guy gave me an honest quote. He was very positive and pleasant over the phone. I hardly get that anywhere. I did not expect that from a car service company. When I arrived the lady at the front desk was also very pleasant. Thank you all for an amazing experience!
- Angel M.
I always get great service when I go to this location. My first visit was perhaps 4 months ago and I now have all my cars serviced at this location. This is an honest service center. They tell you up front what the cost is going to be and are truly concerned about you being happy.
- Don J.
I consider myself a pretty good mechanic and when I first went to visit I was skeptical about having work done but these guys impressed me a whole lot by doing a diagnostic test and told me that when I thought needed to be fixed did not need to be fixed. They don't try to rip you off and often offer solutions that are not expensive
- Marvin G.
You guys did a great job on my car! Thank you so much for your hard work and finding the problem with my car and getting it fixed! I will always be coming back to Meineke to have my car service for anything ! I will also give the word out and recommend all my family and friends to go to you when there is a problem with their vehicles. Thank you again!
- Carrie J.
I took my car to have the ac looked at. I had seen their sign for a ac special. I just knew from past experiences with other shops that it would end up costing much more. I was very happy when my bill was the price I was quoted! They checked for leaks and added whatever it needed. I works GREAT and is so much cooler than it was! Mary was great taking care of what I needed and explaining things to me. Then several weeks later I was on my way home with my two small grandchildren it was 90+ degrees and my battery light came on. I panicked but was able to get to Meineke before it stopped completely. They once again were able to fix the problem and the price was very reasonable! This is were I will go from now on! Thanks Mary and Joe. Lesa Davidson
- Verified Meineke Customer
Replaced my starter...perfect job and very reasonable
- Bill A.
John( I think that's the name) , took his time to tell me about the different types of promotional offers on the oil change. I chose the one that came with the tow services as I currently don't have my triple A service anymore. Very great offer. Thanks
- Mary A.
I was driving on the highway very long distance steering wheel was shaking, I went to meniki Jason said I had wrong ply tires and they where rotting he got me the write Tire and I experience a big difference van smooth ride thank you again I feel safe and in control
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was on a business trip to Wilmington, North Carolina. The indicator came on that I needed an oil change. I called late in the day for an early appointment. I received one and was on my way back home within a half hour. You can't ask for better service than that!
- Tom L.
Everyone at the Jamestown NC Meineke are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. It is within walking distance from my home which makes it convenient and I can always count on them taking good care of my car.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I explain what type of service I needed and service tech gave me a time to come back and pick up the item. I returned and the work was completed and to my satisfactory. The staff was very professional.
- Verified Meineke Customer
service staff and workmanship is always top notch !! wonderful folks to work with..
- Randy W.
The person at the check in and register was very friendly and professional. She made my experience satisfying.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Very knowledgeable about my vehicle, and what it takes to keep it running properly, as well as information about various mechanical parts, as it relates to my vehicle.
- Roy M.
Mary is very knowledgeable and always so friendly and helpful. Her customer service is excellent.
- Lynne G.
at my recent oil change appointment they sent me the inspection which showed my right front brake pad being very low, whereas the others weren't. My dad replaced my brakes and when he did he figured out that the caliper on that side wasn't pulling both of the pads together, so the inside one was much more worn down compared to all the others. My dad said that if he had changed my oil and checked my brakes he wouldn't have caught that due to the outside pad looking good still. So thank you for being so thorough in your inspections!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Personal at the cashier was nice, forgot her name but she was beautiful, red glasses and all
- Verified Meineke Customer
They were Friendly and very efficient I had an appointment and my total wait was less than an hour
- Verified Meineke Customer
This one of the most honest car care centers I have ever used and will continue to use.
- Mark G.
Service was prompt and everyone was courteous and helpful. The waiting room was clean and neat.
- Kathleen R.
I've always been pleased with their service and. The way they treat customers.
- Donna S.
They are an outstanding franchise. They take good care of my car and they make sure that they recognize me... They definitely make me feel wanted
- Leslie G.
It was a great experience. The lady was very nice. They change my oil and they check my car and give me the list of the problems. Thank you.
- Ahmed M.
The group was very attentive and the diagnostic reports helped me understand why certain things needed to be done. I have had mechanics pull things on me simply because I don't know a lot about cars, but I felt good about taking my car here. They were not pushy at all.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The service was excellent!!...they have a good team there, and the lady at front is very helpful and always smiling. I did not pay for towing! don't pay when you live between the 10 miles. That was awesome for me.
- Lucia A.
Joe and his staff are unfailingly honest, knowledgeable, reasonably priced and helpful. I feel I can trust this Meineke car care center with all of my auto needs. Trust is everything.
- Zoe/kim D.
I always choose Meinecke. They're close to home, friendly and good at what they do.
- Chloe B.
Joe, and all the guys and gal at this local Jamestown location are awesome, honest, and provide excellent customer service!!
- Jamaal O.
Everyone is kind; do not try to overcharge, alwayslook to find a cheaper part when needed. Courteous -- always call if thereis another issue than what i requested and try to work in my timeframe
- Verified Meineke Customer
I felt the people there were honest and truly invested in my safety.
- Jessica H.
Friendly and caring customer service, knowledgable, timely in getting the job done.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Mary is great! She is so nice and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
- Teresa G.
Meineke staff is really helpful and are looking out for your best interest for the upkeep of yor car.
- Danielle D.
They are very friendly, never try to sell me something I don't need and finish the work on time.
- Don J.
I have always recieved great service from them. The staff is great.
- Daniel A.
Fast effiennt service. One of the best front desk workers I ever met
- Eugene P.
The people here are so friendly and knowledgeable of your vehicle. They get you in as soon as they can and try to finish the work quickly but correctly.
- Verified Meineke Customer
This particular shop has always been honest with me, and helped me with my car even if it would cost them money. They always have options for me if a particular repair is more than I can handle at the time. It's very rare to find honesty with mechanics, but this shop goes above and beyond to help their customers.
- Julius B
Great service. The problem with my car was fixed. Friendly staff.
- Verified Meineke Customer
They are very friendly and helpful. The lady at reception also knows a lot about mechanic and she really is always open to help. They have specials that help me with my budget.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was impressed with the customer service at the counter. My car was fixed in a fast timeline. Thanks so much
- Don H
Joe and the others are honest, polite, and friendly. They go out of their way to make sure the customers are satisfied.
- Ricky B.
Road side assistance is great and their repair is swift.
- Verified Meineke Customer
From the moment I walked inside I felt great thanks to the person at the front desk. He was welcoming and friendly to me from beginning to end.
- Raquel D.

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