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Meineke #2687 Reviews

Average rating: 51 reviews

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friendly and knowlegable
- Thomas S.

Meineke #2687 Elizabethtown


1400 N. Dixie Hwy.

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Center Hours: Open Now

M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (270) 872-4661

Additional Reviews

friendly and knowlegable
- Thomas S.
service was great got done what I needed and more
- Michael Sc.
Bill was knowledgable friendly and got the job done quickly
- Jennifer S.
The manager was very friendly and helpful...great customer service and relations!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill presented excellent Customer service and knowledge.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I did not have an appointment but they worked me in quickly and was very courteous.
- Charlie S.
Call to let me know I needed filters replaced and kept old ones to show me
- Bettye W.
Just came in to have my tires rotated and balanced. Was very pleased with the professional and speed of service!
- Martha T.
Jeremy Welch was great. He made sure I got the correct weight oil for my vehicle, and made sure the tires were rotated as well.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I have always loved meineke. All the staff members are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I always have a good experience when I go in :)
- Kathy C.
The mgr at the Etown location was very honest with me and they did a excellent job on my muffler and diagnosed my vehicle and made recommendations for what was going on and I am a very satisfied Customer and I highly recommend anyone to them in my area.
- Jason H.
It was great! Quick and did not cost to much
- Natasha K.
Came in to compare tire prices and availability, the associate was very nice and very helpful. Since he had the tires I needed in stock and could get my truck in right away, we went with him. The price was great also. Thanks
- Kenny M.
Jeremy is always has a smile on his face and that alone says it all. By Jeremy putting on a smile to his customers that sets that tempo for that day and his customer as well. He has a great staff that cares about there customers we are not just a number to them. Thanks to Jeremy and his staff at Elizabethtown Meineke..
- Samuel K.
I walked into the store without an appointment regarding a tire that had a slow leak. I was waited on the same day at that time and they repaired my tire. I couldn't have been happier.
- Regina M.
It was a very busy Saturday morning and the staff was extremely friendly, professional and worked hard I was very impressed with the gentleman in the office taking the work orders. He seem to know many customers by name and I definitely will return
- Henry A.
Both the manager and the technician who worked on my car did exactly what I asked of them. They explained the procedure, carried it out in a timely manner and I was satisfied with the work.
- Carol K.
Wasn't planning on getting work done when I stopped in. Had another place to be. But the staff person at desk offered me his personal vehicle to go where I need to go. I thought that was very nice and thoughtful of him. And I didn't lose any wasted time having to wait.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Seem to care about my problems and took care of them
- David S.
Popped a tire and needed new ones anyway. Went to the new Meineke in Elizabethtown KY and got the best service ever!! Tires had to be ordered but were in by 3 p.m. the same day. They put the tires on in less than 45 minutes. Thought I might need a front-end alignment, but they checked and said I was good. That shocked me because I thought for sure they would say I did just to get the extra money. LOVE the people and the service I received. Have told everyone I know how great these guys were to me.
- Sharon V.
Very fast and very good
- Nate F.
The associate at desk was wonderful and very friendly with lots of knowledge to help. I came in for an oil change but ended up with breaks and a coolant flush because he explained the seriousness of need. Loved the professional service and atmosphere of all workers. Thanks for helping me find a great new car service repair place! I feel safe and trust their word on my car. Thanks to all!
- Angela B.
I was at the Elizabethtown, KY Meineke & the one guy working the desk that morning I had ran into at closing the previous night. He was extremely kind & helped me save some money even though my coupon was not applicable. He was very knowledgeable & explained completely why my coupon was not applicable. I appreciate that he explained & offered an alternative. Quite a few people came in after me with some detailed car maintenance questions...he got these people's questions answered & did not leave me waiting an extreme length of time to pay. Excellent service there that I would definitely recommend!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Great service! Associate seemed to be very honest!
- Hallie L.
New brakes. Staff very nice and helpful.
- Vicki Pi.
While eating lunch on Veterans Day, I was told about the free oil change for veterans. My Pontiac had just flashed change oil soon, so this was very timely for me. I was immediately served, and was out of the location withing twenty minutes. Thanks for your willingness to recognize vets.
- David M.
They answered all of my questions, had a clean work enviroment and finished my car in a timely matter, I have already started referring family and friends to take their vehicles there.
- Nathan C.
The Elizabethtown Kentucky store rocks!
- James F.
Bill is the name of the associate manager who helped me. He and his mechanic made some important discoveries (i.e.: replaced air filter @ no charge; replaced burnt out brake light bulb and license plate bulb; coolant pH of zero prompted radiator flush and coolant replacement). Valvoline (across the street) wanted $50 more for the same parts and labor I received from Meineke.
- Larry T.
I went to get my brakes checked and they were very bad. They showed them to me and explained what I needed. They stayed passed closing to finish my vehicle. The manager was very friendly offered coffee or water while I waited and treated myself and all other customers that were there very professionally. The man working on my vehicle was the same. Makes me want to return for other services.
- Joni K.
This was my first visit and I was very satisfied. Jeremy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about what was needed for my truck and honest on what was not needed. I will be a return customer when needed.
- Pamela G.
Quality of service was great!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I had taken my vehicle to another car shop for a brake job and the bolts in the caliper had came out and I could no longer move the vehicle. I called a tow truck and dropped it off at Meineke and the guys there took really good care of my truck. They got the bolts in and made sure everything was tighten up and did the brake fluid. I was impressed with the quality of work at a reasonable price. I even took my truck back to get it checked heard some squeaking noise and turned out I needed a water. They took care of it and I was back on the road in a couple hours. I couldn't have been happier. All other car shops in this town seem to be about the dollar first then ask questions. Whereas my concerns were addressed and taken care of right off the bat. I'll be using Meineke from here on out.
- Marcus W.
They where ever friendly.. I felt like a family member.. Thank you for your hard work..
- Erkurt Eke.
My most recent visit was great. I forgot the Tech name, but he was very courteous and helpful. Unlike the visit I had before. That Tech didn't really honor the coupon. The coupon was for a $19.95 oil change and he insisted that it didn't include top-offs or filter. Believing him I authorized him to do the work and ended up paying about $35. My recent visit I used the same coupon and I was told it included everything. This guy was very professional.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I dropped off my vehicle on a day when the Elizabethtown, Ky shop was short handed. I had no appointment but they still worked me in and got me taken care that day.
- Chris D.
Meineke is very friendly, affordable, and will let you know problems with your car. I will recommend anyone to go to Meineke.
- Stacyia D.
Jeremy made some additional helpful suggestions in dealing with our harsh winters
- Linda G.
The manager and techs were personable and professional. Great work.
- Jeff H.
Good job explained what was going to be done and why.
- Julia M.
was in and out in no time and given a explanation of my car problem
- Verified Meineke Customer
I truly I'm grateful for the staff at Meineke on Dixie in Elizabethtown Kentucky Jeremy that works there got me all the way together I trust wat he told me I let them do the work and my Trail Blazer is riding like New....Two thumbs up Meineke!!!
- Kecha Ri.
The Manager, Jeremy Welch, was very personable and professional. He greeted and treated myself and they've other patrons visiting the shop in the same manner. My vehicle was repaired in a timely basis for the price I was quoted over the phone. I was traveling from Nashville to Michigan. My A/C would not properly blow cool air. I had stopped or called 5 shops prior to contacted this location. This shop seemed qualified and available to service my car. I am a single woman with a young daughter traveling back home from an out of state wedding. I feared I was going to be price gouged and up-sold for items I didn't need. Nothing close to that happened. The technician who performed the work came out and explained what he did. Very knowledgeable & courteous. To top it off, Jeremy suggested an alternate route for me to drive so I could by pass Louisville during rush hour traffic. He drew me a map and keyed the address into my maps app. He checked the directions to make sure all was well. Off I went. I was extremely satisfied with my experience. Talk about going the extra mile!!!!
- Beth T.
Jose got me in and out, he was very nice and I look forward to doing business with him again.
- Allison B.
Had a really good experience with them and service was excellent
- Verified Meineke Customer
Given my last experience when I needed to buy tires, I dreaded having to be at the mercy of another car service shop. However, my dread was overcome by my need for an oil change. I had no need fear for the moment I walked into the shop, I was treated with courtesy and respect. I was put at ease right away and felt reassured that I had made the right decision in coming!
- Connie K.
Very timely service. No unnecessary added work. I can trust what they tell me.
- David M.
Very attentive, informed me of all that was going on and gave me the best service and price possible. I've looked around. Car is running neatly.
- Ana P.
Every time I got to Meineke, I have a wonderful experience, which really says a lot considering that maintaining your car is a chore and not fun. The staff is always polite and patient when explaining the process to me and I trust that my car is in good hands. I do not ever feel like I am being scammed or overcharged, and they thoroughly explain to me what my bill is or will be and why it is important or if it is something that can wait. 20 out 10 will go again. Consistently great service.
- Kyla H.
Very little waiting and I have complete confidence in the technicians and the manager who worked on my car
- Dave S.
I went in without an appointment and they repaired my car and I didn't have to wait long.
- Joseph R.

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