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Meineke #515 Reviews

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general MGR. Wes Miller is OUTSTANDING and always treats me with courtesy and explains in detail, without pressure, what maintenance I might need outside of the service I am receiving.
- Kim P.

Meineke #515 Peoria


3722 North Prospect Road

Peoria, IL 61614

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

SUN Closed

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Additional Reviews

general MGR. Wes Miller is OUTSTANDING and always treats me with courtesy and explains in detail, without pressure, what maintenance I might need outside of the service I am receiving.
- Kim P.
Great visit as usual. Wes is the best!!!
- Verified Meineke Customer
communication honesty and trust! And the work was done well
- Paul Bu.
You quickly repaired my air conditioning in my van and patched a flat tire. You waiting room is pleasant, and the people are friendly and helpful.
- Joanna R.
I did not take their name but they had good hospitality.
- Tsitsi L.
The staff communicates problems well, and is prompt. Particularly Wes, Ira, and Jamie.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Wes is the most knowledgeable and honest person in the business. He's the reason we bring all of our business here.
- Charles B.
It's awesome to have a mechanic that is trustworthy and friendly! From Wes to Jamie to Ira to all the Cox family, I would just like to say "Thank You!" for the best auto service in town and for always being honest and fair with your customers. I highly recommend your store to family, friends, and co-workers.
- Sean A.
I have been visiting to this location for years because of 1 reason!.....general manager Wes!!!!...(Peoria Heights Il location) I will cite this most recent example.....My wife and I were leaving on a trip out west. She informed me at 9 pm the night before our trip that she had not gotten (her car the one we were driving) an oil change. Wes the general manager was at the Meineke location 20 minutes before the official open. I was also there to greet him and explain my need to get the oil changed ASAP before we left for my 7-8 hr drive on the first day of our 3 000+ trip. With no questions asked he moved me to the head of the list changed the oil in record time and had me out the door before another car was even worked on. I was able to leave town and make my prearranged scheduled meeting in the afternoon. I have had other services preformed by Wes and his team in the past always with value and kindness offered!!! I hope you recognize Wes and his team for their great customer service at this Meineke location which will keep me coming back AND (as your best advertisement) telling my friends . Kim Post Peoria Il
- Kim P.
They did their job extremely well and timely and everyone treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy.
- Darrell P.
Ira was professional on the phone. I had a 'short list' of things I wanted inspected and/or performed. He typed it all in (most shops just nod, and miss half the items later), then repeated it back to me to confirm. Then he asked if there was anything else. He also did not hurry me, and was slow to respond, which I can interpret as ensuring he heard me and my concerns. Wes was there when I picked up the vehicle later. He was professional and courteous, even when I challenged if the bill was too low per my estimate, explaining why it was what it was. He also confirmed on an earlier call my 'short list' of tasks I wanted done. When I was picking up the car, he explained when I'd next need to have the brakes checked, and shared why my 'check engine' light was on, but that it was OK to leave as is for the time being. Getting feedback and outlook on checks/service, and validating my list and responding to each item, is important to me as an engineer and customer. It doesn't take long, but gives me confidence you are listening, and performing at least what I asked of the team, if not a little more. Michael
- Verified Meineke Customer
The crew is always courteous, professional, and very thorough in explaining what they're doing with my vehicle. I've had great service for more than 10 years at this location and I wouldn't go anywhere else. It brings much such peace of mind to have a car repair facility that I trust fully. Great job - and thanks for making my life easier!
- Jill E.
One call, said I needed tires on old truck, found lower cost and installed
- Paul B.
I felt comfortable my wait seemed to fly by and I was surprised when they said my car was done. I was so impressed that my husband made an appt. He is always pressed for time and is a hard sell and he would return for any car need he has. Thank you again for a great experience. Have recommended you to friends and family.
- Nicole S.
Wes, general manager, called me by name when I walked through the door. He is always very accommodating and treats me like a family member even though I'm not. He is the reason I return time and time again. I have had other services other than oil changes at this location on my cars and I'm never pressured by Wes or his employees.
- Kim P.
Wes is always very helpful.
- Mike B.
Wes and the employees are GREAT
- Russell J.
Changed my toyota rav4 muffler, job well done!
- Verified Meineke Customer
The gentleman I spoke with was great and his service and advice were appreciated.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Very fast. Actually got to me at my appointment time.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff at this location are all very friendly and helpful and I believe they recognize me from one visit to the next
- Cathy K.
My oil change was done at the appointed time and done quickly. I was very satisfied. This was the first time I had my oil changed here.
- Marsha H.
I was told by an auto repair company that I needed a transmission oil change but when checked as they ( meineke ) were changing the motor oil I was told my transmission was good.
- Russ J.
I had a flat that was repaired in just a few hours. I didn't have an appointment, so was grateful that they could get me in and get it done.
- Theresa N.
I developed a rapid onset break problem that required immediate attention. Your staff was able to fit me in for an appointment diagnose and repair the problem and get me back on the road in short order. Most mechanic shops in our area can't do that!
- Rich Z.
We started going to Meineke several years ago when the dealership I purchased my car from recommended several hundreds of dollars worth of service and we wanted to get a second opinion. You service man went through the list and found several repairs that were unnecessary. His honesty sold me on your company and we've been going there ever since. Good to have a car care center we can trust.
- Barb G.
Wes was good. I remember him from the old building. Started going to Heineken. Really? My computer corrected my misspelling Meineke to Heineken? Ok so I started drinking Heineken because of George Forman. He said... you are not going to pay a lot for this Heineken. Is this what you really want to hear Meineke? Then STOP paying to get in these group data gathering fiascos. Disgusting! I was trying to give a realistic shout out for the Meineke location. Wow. Where else but in America? Oh wait... the whole world? Awesome!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I do t know the names of the staff members who assisted me but they were very helpful. Also I have found thst I am able to rely on the owner, Mr. Cohen's judgment on what work my car needs and when it is needed. This has not been my experience elsewhere and why I have my work done at his shop whenever possible.
- Noreen S.
nice and friendly staff,helpful. they take good care of you and your car. they do not tell you,what you do not need or want-like other places do. I have been there lots of times and I like it here. I will gladly return,when need to be.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I have been going to Meineke for many years. I have found them the be honest and perform excellent work at a fair price.
- Bob H.
The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The service is great, fast and affordable.
- Maribeth L.
Cheapest oil change have always priced out fair. Need timing belt soon i.ll be back..
- Verified Meineke Customer
I stopped in without an appt. and my almost flat tire was fixed in less than 30 minutes and I know they were busy. Great service and funny manager.
- Rita C.
Prices of services are cheaper than going back to the dealership and the quality of work and services is so much better.
- Diana W.
The appointment was easy to make after I gave a overview of what issues I believed my car had going on. On the appointment day while I waited, I noted excellent customer service (they knew people by their name, they took time to explain issues with the vehicle and the service needed, they were friendly). I do not know much about cars and I like how the manager broke down all the services my car needed and explained to me what I should prioritize and what could wait a bit. I appreciated that I didn't feel like there was any pressure to do anything I didn't need done. I will continue to have my car serviced here in the future!
- Tamara J.
Great staff. They were easy to talk to and I didn't feel like they were trying to sell me anything. I feel like they had my best interest at heart. And I got a great service for a great price.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I was very pleased with the service and the atmosphere of the employees
- Kevin H.
They don't try to sell you anything but what you need
- Verified Meineke Customer
The staff. Wes, Jamie and Ira are day bomb. Everyone at this location always treats with respect. I also feel I am receiving a fair price for the work being done. Last, but not least, I trust the staff to be honest about what needs to be done. Mostly, Wes and Jamie are the reason I keep coming back and referring others.
- Don K.
I believe Wes is honest and has his customers best interest in mind when ever he advises on needed service or repair.
- Moore Lee Dds .
staff go above & beyond to help me out. i know nothing about cars and they can tell :) but they never try to oversell me.
- Mary Ann C.
Everyone there is very friendly and willing to answer questions. They always explain work before they do it.
- Kathy O.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, are fantastic. Great everything. The are professional, personable and trustworthy. What more could you ask for.
- Don K.
I get great service from the very knowledgeable staff. They explain and answer any questions I have. I drive old high mileage vehicles because I love them. I know they are being well taken care here
- Kathy O.
The employees, the quality, and the price, in that order. The owner and his staff are exceptional people, the kind of people you don't often find anymore. I will not go anywhere else, and I tell everyone I know to go there when they need repair services.
- Don K
I came in with a squeaking problem after having my front brakes done at the shop on Prospect and War Memorial on Peoria. Wes analyzed the problem and replaced the front pads under warranty. Great service!
- John D
excellent, reliable service at a reasonable price. Appointments are always on time.
- Michael C.
Kept it professional. Handled issues smoothly. Helped me out by holding the car on lot after payment until I was ready to pick up. All around good experiences. This is generally the shop I go to when I need something done.
- Verified Meineke Customer

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