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Meineke #884 Reviews

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Always take car to Bill and always recommend to my friends. Never felt taken advantage of, always personable.
- Verified Meineke Customer

Meineke #884 Bourbonnais


594 William Latham Drive

Bourbonnais, IL 60914-2320

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M-F 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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Additional Reviews

Always take car to Bill and always recommend to my friends. Never felt taken advantage of, always personable.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill is always fantastic, friendly, and amazing customer service skills. Crystal was very helpful and personable and I think she is a good addition to the staff.
- Megan L.
Communication is always a key with Bill at Meineke's. He is very thorough in his explanation and very trustworthy. This is why I recommend to everyone that Meineke's is where they should go; and ask for Bill.
- Tony F.
We had sudden illness in a family member. We had to leave unexpectedly on a long trip to see them. Bill Was very compassionate and got us in and out quickly for our oil change.
- Larry D.
Bill is always dependable. He gives honest service for a fair price along with a joke or two. The service was quick and they were ready for me when I arrived for my appointment. We wouldn't go anywhere else.
- David W.
Always very nice and things are done correctly...and the prices are great!
- Diane K.
The five-year-old battery in my 06 Impala died. The manager, Bill, was very kind in getting me in for a new battery at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. He considerately inquired of this 77-year-old grandma about my comfort while I waited, even though several cars were in the bays and he was very busy. The work is excellent at this Meineke and I TRUST THEM!!!!!
- Judith B.
Bill knows the definition of customer service. He is very professional, very friendly and a great person. I recommend Bill to all my friends and family. Won't go anywhere else in this town. And trust is one of my major factors. Bill will NOT tell you that you need,something repaired, if its not so. Very upfront with cost and stand behind his guys work 100% If Meineke needs to benchmark a store for new owners, Bill is the store to use!!!!
- Kevin C.
I've been bringing my car here for years and I've always been extremely satisfied. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I know that I can trust Meineke's staff and that I won't be taken advantage of. Won't take my car anywhere else!
- Anna R.
I was running late for my appointment and Bill and his staff assured me that they would take care of my oil change, tire rotation and overall safety inspection and I would not have to wait. I did not ask for any special treatment, they just told me that. On top of it all, they were very busy and still took care of me and the other customers and no one felt put out or put off. I have since recommended Meineke to several friends and family.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill is always a pleasure to work with. There is never pressure to do any work 'right now'. He makes sure the customer understands what needs to be done and how important it is. I've witnessed him trying to work with a customer on a limited budget to take care of required maintenance on a schedule they can afford. Bill's customer service is clearly a priority and he excels at it.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I can't even say for sure which trip to Meineke this was. My wife had her oil changed one day, went back for struts and a tire rim another and I had my oil changed and Bill found out the reason for the "rattle" I had and I needed a tie rod replaced and he took care of that at the same time. I have been going to this Meineke for just under 2 years and my vehicles will never go another place as long as I am able to get my vehicle to this Meineke. Bill Perakis is an amazing owner of this business and his customer service is even better. He also has a good staff working for him to keep the customers coming back.
- Dan B.
I went in with the expectation to have approx. $800+ work done on my car (as recommended by the dealer) and when Bill talked to me, he indicated that it wasn't needed at this time, but would keep a watch on it as I returned for my regular oil changes. I have come to depend on his advice and have referred many family and friends to our local Meineke's. I am totally satisfied with their honesty, good prices and professionalism.
- Paul S.
Bill the owner gave me the Oil Change at no Charge!
- Swope A,
Meineke Store in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Staff has performed a vast majority of work on my vehicle, a 2001 Buick Le Sabre. Car has presently 308,500 plus miles. With William Perakis and his knowledgeable and conscientious mechanics, I have a safe, daily driving and highly reliable vehicle. As is generally assumed, most cars with this many miles or a tendency toward deferred maintenance, would be well retired. Once again, a highly grateful Thank You to Bill and his staff. :)
- Verified Meineke Customer
Appointment time was maintained and Bill did an excellent job of getting us repaired promptly in spite of being short staffed that day.
- John R
We always like to have our vehicles serviced at Meineke because Bill will give us an honest assessment of the work that needs to be done on our vehicles.
- Rich V
I think Bill is the best. He never dumbs it down for me. He speaks to me as if i understand and is always happy to take his time to answer my concerns and questions. As a woman, who has some knowledge of her car, but not enough to hurt me, (giggle) many times other service places will just push me to do something which I am not confident will resolve the issue. This is not the case with Bill. He tells me why it is necessary or why it is not necessary. I count on his expertise.
- Christin T.
Oil change and I believe tire rotation. I also had issues with a tire losing air. I took it back in and they fixed the issue.
- Rose H
I'm picky! I may not be their favorite customer (I don't see them unless something is wrong or needs attention), but I feel like I am. Whenever I go in I ask to have my vehicle "checked over" (driven) by someone with a trained ear. "No problem!" I'm always presented with an honest list of necessities (should be done) and concerns (we'll watch this). I call them "My Meineke Guys." I wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Figured out what was wrong with my wife's car when nobody else could
- Anthony L
Bill at Meineke always treats me and my family like we are HIS family. I have worked with him for years and would never think of going anywhere else!
- Martha V.
My car was dead! dead! DEAD! I called Bill and told him I was having the car towed over to his Meineke shop. I didn't hesitate nor did I consider any other shoips. Bill and his diligent crew diagnosed the problem and informed me of the price which was right on the exact cent. I had to wait for a special part, but knew my car was in safe hands. As soon as that part arrived, Bill called and told me it was ready (as promised). I have used Meineke for many years and have referred MANY family members, friends, and neighbors there to their satisfaction. Bill and his guys are professional, fair and honest, and are like part of my family.
- Paul S.
Bill is very professional, friendly and knowledgable. I would recommend this Meineke to anyone looking for quality, trustworthy service.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The quality of service the knowledgeable staff and the price. There isn't any reason to go anywhere else. Meineke in Bourbonnais is the best in Kankakee county.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bourbonnais location has always been a shop that will make extra steps to fix my car right and get my car back to me asap.
- Gary R.
Bill was courteous, professional, answered my questions. My oil change was finished without delay. My car was worked on at my appointment time, no delays.
- Verified Meineke Customer
My head light went out on my car and the guys immediately replaced it with out an appointment.
- Verified Meineke Customer
This location is always great. Bill has an incredible personality. He was the reason I initially started using Meineke. About a year ago, I took my car to a Grease Spot facility because I was out of town and had some time to kill and needed an oil change. Biggest mistake ever. They were rude and never asked me what time of service I wanted or oil preference. I spent over $120 on what was supposed to be a basic oil change. It reminded me why I've been going to Meineke for years. I'll never go anywhere else. I learned my lesson. Bill remembers every vehicle I've owned (I travel A LOT for work and really rack up miles, so I go through vehicles). He remembers the names of my children. He's personable. The staff always moves my seat back. I've never had oil or grease left anywhere on my vehicle, steering wheel, keys, etc. The lobby is always clean. I love the license plate collection. I don't mind waiting while my vehicle is serviced. I apologize for my rant, but I've been going here for years. I've been to other facilities and they don't come close. I've even convinced my husband to start getting his oil changed at Meineke instead of doing it himself. I've directed my family and friends here. This place is GREAT.
- Felicia G.
Bill is the owner/operator of the Bourbonnais IL Meineke and consistently provides very courteous friendly professional service. I experienced a flat tire and was able to make it to my Meineke. I'm retired and on a fixed income and Bill is always considerate of that fact when he recommends what my 18 year old Honda requires. He replaced my tire, did an oil change, and called me at work in less than two hours to tell me all was completed. My expense was very reasonable and as always the work was excellent. Bill employs only respectful competent and polite staff. All my friends and family members are loyal Bourbonnais Meineke customers.
- Merrill Ann S.
Bill is great! He's very approachable & is always so nice.
- Ginny B.
Staff always take care of my maintenance needs and answer all my questions.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill and his crew are always willing to go out of their way at the Meineke Bourbonnais location. We constantly bring trucks from our fleet to their shop and always receive friendly, speedy, quality work from these guys! We need to keep our trucks on the road to make our living and can always highly depend on them to do so. I highly recommend Bill and the crew to anyone I know and they always give great feedback from the service they receive. This is a great crew that representing the Meineke name!! Sincerely, Mike W
- Mike W.
Bill at Bourbonnais IL is exceptional. He does everything with excellence. He has established trust so that I recommend everyone to Bill at Meinecke.
- Tony F.
The owner Bill personally worked on my vehicle and as always was very polite and knowledgeable. I had exhaust work done and received the results I asked for without any pressures from him to try to sell me something I did not want. I recommended one of my friends with a brand new pick up for exhaust and he was also extremely satisfied. I will continue to use Meineke Bill always makes me laugh and conducts his shop in a very professional manner.
- Eric M.
Oil change and tire inspection/fix.
- Rose H.
I worked with Bill at the Bourbonnais IL location. He was pleasant professional and informative. He worked with the coupon I brought in for the best deal. The waiting are was very comfortable and I especially enjoyed the free coffee. Bill also had a great sense of humor. I will be taking my vehicle back there again in the future.
- Henry W.
Bill is very helpful every time that I visit this location.
- Steve E.
The Atmosphere was very welcoming. The Work was high quality. Bill and Casey are fantastic trustworthy people!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill is the most personable individual that I have encountered at any car maintenance establishment! He should receive a GREAT BIG bonus and promotion for his efforts!
- James F.
A pre-owned vehicle we just purchased had an exhaust rattle and I some strange noise when applying brakes. We were able to get the car in the next day without an appointment and learned that only the front brakes needed replacing. The exhaust was fixed no charge. We are always impressed with Bill and his crew for being honest and prompt.
- Al B.
My father my husband and II have always received good service and have the utmost trust in this shop. I would not think of going elsewhere.
- Barb P.
I trust Bill with all my auto repairs
- Don K.
Bill Petrakis is the ultimate pleaser. Everyone is polite knowledgeable & always ready to please. I won't go anywhere than the Meinke in Bourbonnais
- Marylou R.
Bill kept his shop open an extra 1/2hr to finish my truck.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Customer service is always great staff very helpful. Also, service always done when staff estimates it will be done!! I would definitely recommend this shop!!
- Marilyn L.
I like the friendliness and helpfulness.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill was very responsive to my needs. He is a professional in every sense of that word and his staff is friendly and professional as well!
- Verified Meineke Customer
The mechanic noticed that the oil drain plug was not fitting properly even after installing the new one we brought. The owner went out and tapped the threads and helped him choose a new drain plug to complete the job. Since we were going to be traveling the next day, we were very grateful that he fixed the problem so that we would not breakdown on the highway.
- Pat & Rai W.
The professional and friendly staff take their time to explain what your vehicle needs and works to offer you the fairest price they can. The waiting area is clean and neat.
- Linda R.
Bill and the Boys are great! I use them exclusively, finally got my husband hooked, and refer all who ask to this awesome business. They are always friendly and I do not feel taken advantage of.
- Kelly C.
Bill and his staff are always kind, courteous and professional, but most of all trust worthy and honest. I known I can trust him. If he tells me something, it is true. For that reason if he can perform a service I will bring my car to him.
- Barbara P.
I feel confident in the work they do. All the staff I dealt with was very professional and courteous.
- Michael F.
excellent customer care with a friendly positive "can do" attitude.
- Joseph T B.
Bill Perakis is the store owner. He is simply the best. He understands how to provide gracious, honest, and friendly service to his customers. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Oil change for veterans. THANK YOU. The owner Bill is always professional, friendly and courteous as well as the employees. On a recent visit Bill resolved an issue with a leaking drain plug on the oil pan by re-tapping the stripped threads. It has not leaked a drop of oil since.
- Pat W.
- Frank E.
Bill is always knowlegeable and explains everything very well.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Great deal on new tires Bill is always GREAT.
- Lee A.
Employees are very friendly and they do there job very well.
- Beverly G.
Bill the manager is very helpful and friendly at the meinike in Bourbonnais Illinois
- Vicki O.
Manager at the Bourbonnais, IL location is awesome, very knowledgeable & service is great.
- Douglas A.
I'm very pleased with the work that was done on my car I don't remember the sale Man but he was VERY Nice.
- Armia Sp.
Bill and the guys are excellent. When anyone asks for advice about where to take their car I always recommend Meineke and Bill's Crew.
- Kelly C.
Oil change and very recently I stopped in before work to have tires checked. They are always very prompt helpful and caring. Love my Meineke!
- Rose H.
The reason we keep going back to this location is the people and quality of work trust and peace of mind we get with every service.
- Peter P.
The staff at our local Meineke are always cordial and informative in their explanations of the needed work. I wouldn't go to another place for service!
- Kris C.
I have dealt with Bill the owner for many years. I have developed a trust in what he says and does to my cars
- Ray O.
The owner and staff at this Meineke location are always very friendly and listen to you. They explain any problems that you might have or will have in the future.
- Pat & Rai W.
The shop was clean and well organized the staff was very polite and didn't pressure me into doing any unnecessary repairs. Owner was there and treated his workers with respect too
- Verified Meineke Customer
The manager Bill is always friendly and always explains things to everyone. He is very knowledgeable is unafraid to share that knowledge. I showed up a bit early to my appointment and the tech decided he would fit my car in really quick before he took his lunch even though I told him he didn't have to! So sweet!
- Abigail A.
I have been coming here since I got my car. Bill has taken care of my since it had 500 miles on it. Always check things out when I come for an oil change. My cabin filters were dirty so we changed them. Josh does great work and always has a smile for you. And to let you know I now have 90 000 miles on my car. I thank MEINEKE for keeping her in good shape.
- Judy K.
Bill the owner/manager is always welcoming and courteous and his shop is clean and fresh coffee (good quality) and cream is waiting customers. His workers are professional neatly groomed and pleasant. Casey serviced my car and showed me the belt that needed replacing and pointed out work that needs to be done on my next visit. I live on my social security and appreciate that Bill and his staff consider their customers having to complete work in stages. The Bourbonnais Meineke enjoys a wonderful reputation for honesty and quality work because they earned and deserve that fine reputation. (Merrill Seal Bourbonnais IL 60914 a loyal customer)
- Merrill Ann S.
Bill at the Bourbonnais IL shop is always so personable and helpful. He discusses everything with you in terms you can understand and treats you like a friend. He doesn't try to push extra services down you throat like most service places so when he tells you that you need something you know it needs attention. Because of his great service we take both our vehicles there and now so does our son. When the mechanics come in with information on a car he discusses the finding to be sure his guys checked rpeverything before he talks ypto the customer. It's refreshing to find a place that respects their customers and treats everyone like family.
- Jim & Sue G.
I was having back trouble and Bill went out of his way to make me comfortable while my car was being worked on. Came for a oil change they found a bad belt. This MEINEKE has taken care of my car since I bought it she was brand new and almost 100 thousand miles on her. Don't take my car any were but MEINEKE in Bourbonnais.
- Judy K.
Although a bit pricy I feel they always have looked out for me and have always been accomondating.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Great, honest service. Won't go anywhere else!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill at Meineke in Bourbonnais is the best businessman I know. He's very honest and will help you in any way he can to save you money and not put unnecessary work into your vehicle. He will give you recommendations and tell you what really needs to be done immediately and what can wait a few months to let it fit better into your budget.
- Dan B.
I went in at about 12:15 for an oil change thinking they were open later on Saturday and Bill informed me they closed at 12:30. After telling me this he asked what I was there for and I told him oil change. He said they still had 15 minutes and got my car in right away and got it done. I apologized for being late and keeping them and he made me feel like it wasn’t a problem at all. Always get great service.
- Perry B.
I have been taking my cars to Meineke for years. Always honest and always excellent service. I tell everyone to go there.
- Verified Meineke Customer
They are always very friendly and explain things you don't understand mad the reasons they think something needs to be done. great customer service!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill, the owner/operator, is excellent and very professional. He is courteous, informative, and hires very clean-cut hardworking and respectful crew members. He and they take the time to fully explain what is needed, what they are doing, and offer suggestions to make completing the work affordable, a step at a time. I recommend them highly to all my family, friends, and co-workers. Even my boss is now taking his car to Bill because he was so impressed with the treatment I have received. This Bourbonnais location should be a "model" of how all Meineke car care centers should operate.
- Merrill S.
Our car stalled less than two blocks away from Meineke. They sent a technician out with a portable battery pack to get us started and out of traffic, saving us a tow truck fee. They went above and beyond to help us out!
- Verified Meineke Customer
Staff went out of their way to help me in 0 weather and took special effort to provide a car battery in a week when they were scarce. I got the battery the day I called Great News!
- Liela O.
The owner Bill and his staff make you feel somewhat like family, while you're being waited on. And the service is top notch. The only place I get my oil changed at.
- Willie I.
Everyone is extremely helpful. Got me in and out for an oil change.
- Kristen M.
Bill and crew are honest and knowledgeable..We trust them with our vehicles completely.
- Ray & Diane M.
I appreciate Bill's patience most of all, but I also appreciate his willingness to explain things without being condescending.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Bill and his staff are great people that care about their customers. I've never been treated better when getting my vehicles worked on than I am with Bill and his staff.
- Dan B.
Bill at Bourbonnais Meineke is always super helpful. I trust him to be honest and fair with me about what needs done and what doesn't.
- Jana H.
I always feel like they are honest with us. They do a great job and are very friendly and helpful
- Mike N.
Always have great service there. Been going for years and I trust their judgement and recommendations
- Jeff C.
Bill is an outstanding manager with great integrity. I trust him and the company to be honest and fair with this elderly grandmother. My son-in-law Jeff Williamson recommended Meineke to me for the very reasons that I have stated. I have turned to them ever since--with no regrets.
- Kendrick V.
Fantastic customer service all around. Friendly atmosphere, I always get answers to all my questions and a fair honest deal.
- Teresa P.

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