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Meineke #338 Reviews

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Customer service was excellent friendly employees at all times
- Jomayra Ar.

Meineke #338 Middletown


512 Washington Street

Middletown, CT 06457-2513

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Additional Reviews

Customer service was excellent friendly employees at all times
- Jomayra Ar.
I had difficulty finding time to schedule an appointment for my service on account of my own busy schedule but I did not want to postpone my repairs for too long because I wanted to avoid any problems that could have arisen with my car from the delay. My Meineke location happens to be a few minutes away from my workplace and I inquired if would be possible to have my car picked up, worked on, and dropped off and I was very pleased when I was told that I could be accommodated in this manner. The repair would have taken two hours, plus any additional time spent with processing, and the time that I saved from this accommodation was a tremendous benefit to me since I wouldn't have had the time to step foot in the shop that day before it closed. I paid for the service earlier in the week so on the day that my car was worked on I was able to take care of all of my needs without any hinderances. I cannot overstate how valuable this accommodation was to me because it saved me so much hassle. Prior to this I have been getting my car service at this location for over a year and the help that I received with this accommodation will put this Meineke location at the forefront of my mind when I need to have my car serviced in the future.
- Verified Meineke Customer
- Verified Meineke Customer
While the appointment I scheduled was not in the system, we were still seen fairly quickly. They didn't try to coerce us into buying anything else, and the guy at the counter was friendly. The waiting area was clean and quiet, which made it a pleasant place to study.
- Kayla P.
Gentleman at the service desk has excellent people skills. Made me feel very welcome. The mechanic on duty at the time of my appointment was engaging & pleasant. The oil service was prompt & I have no complaints.
- Kenneth S.
Had service done at Meineke in Middletown CT. at 512 Washington street a few weeks back. The gentleman who took care of me his name escapes me at this point was engaging and answered all questions I had professionally and honestly. I was sort of tight on time and made him aware of that. He made it his goal to service my car within my time constraints. Not only that but he made me aware of rear brakes being close to the end of their shelf life. Normally I would have pushed it off. I felt like Meineke earned my business that day through exceptional customer service and honesty. I would return to this location to have any and all maintenance done to my vehicle. Satisfied customer will refer.
- Travis E.
Service advisor Steven is excellent. Clearly explained what was needed without trying to over sell
- Suzanne B.
Staff were helpful and knowledgeable -- no issues.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Steve and his staff are friendly & efficient. My service was done faster than expected.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Even though the shop was very busy they fit us in so that we could get a tire replaced.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I will go back to this meineke when I need to have service done on my car . Fast and courteous too!
- Lisa Fa.
We'll I went for an oil change and they performed a little check up on my car and told me I had a catalytic converter problem that I had to replace it. When I ask for the price they told me the cat itself costs almost 400 dollars and I'd pay 100/hour. I asked them if there was any lower price for the cat they told the lowest they could find was 350. I went online that same day and found one for 150 at advance auto. So I feel like they we're lying to me. That makes me not trust them. And again I bought the cat from advance auto and find out my cat was totally fine it was just the heat shield that was making the noise. So I welded back myself and returned the new one didn't pay a dime. So I don't trust meineke at all. I feel like they just wanted to get my money.!!
- Pierre D.
Staff members are always polite and knowledgeable. The service was handled in a timely manner which allowed me to get to another appt without being late
- David V.
I was traveling when my car broke down and Steve did his very best to get me back on the road as soon as possible. He was very honest and I felt that he explained everything to me. He never made me feel stupid and even though it took longer than estimated I felt like Meineke was not going to send me off until my car was safe again.
- Cara C.
The staff was courteous, helpful and showed me on the computer screen where I needed a repair. I was very satisfied.
- Rosalie D.
Very quick service, friendly staff. The work was completed much faster than expected.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The gentleman at the front desk was incredibly friendly, informative and helpful.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Good service and communication about the condition of my vehicle.
- Marcia B.
My experience with Meineke was very pleasant. The cost for repairs on my car were reasonable. I would highly recommend family and friends to your store.
- Cynthia G.
Came in because I had a nail in my tire. Expected to wait at least an hour with no appt, but they got me quick. Great experience & friendly staff.
- Kyle E.
I walked in and had a few quotes from other auto body locations and the person at Meineke was straight up with me and said they would beat my lowest quote. They did that and still provided quality products for my car. Not only that, they had my brakes and tires replaced along with an oil change in less than 24 hours. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
- Joseph D

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