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Meineke #4135 Reviews

Average rating: 20 reviews

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The guys were great at identifing the oil leak and informing me of the solution and)or options
- Diane L.

Meineke #4135 Scottsdale


7950 East Thomas Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Center Hours: Closed Now

M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

SUN Closed

Call Us Today: (480) 295-7154

Additional Reviews

The guys were great at identifing the oil leak and informing me of the solution and)or options
- Diane L.
Zack and his team do an awesome job
- Maria H.
Everyone on the Meineke team are very nice and friendly.
- Sammy T.
Nate and Manager Randy? We're awesome and very helpful!!!
- Verified Meineke Customer
I had an a/c issue here in AZ. I went to my usual garage and they were unable to get me in. Considering the danger of not having a/c with a child in the car, I realized I should try the meineke shop I always see on the corner. (Hayden & thomas in Scottsdale) I was STUNNED that they got me in so quickly and didn't seem overwhelmed by yet another a/c AZ emergency. They were considerate and knowledgeable. I was in and out so quickly. I have to go back to check the A/c and may end up going back for regular issues. Other than that I think they were surprisingly absolutely amazing.
- Aprille B.
I'm from out of state and came for a fluids check. After waiting around at another shop (staff were all talking on cell phones and no one was working), I left there and came to your shop. Service was excellent!!
- Lisa K.
Manager gave exceptional customer service! Everyone was happy to be at work!
- Krystal B.
You know, come to think of it, when I first bought the 1996 Avalon, I brought it in, they replaced brake pads, hoses and the master cylinder and the brakes still went to the floor. it stumped your mechanics. I finally had the cylinder replaced by Fletchers three more times before they found out it was anti-lock braking system. when they replaced the correct cylinder it worked. is there any way I can get a rebate from meineke when I bring it in to have a timing chain, oil pan gasket and water pump replaced?
- Andrew K.
I did not have a/c on a hot day and I was so happy they were able to do it right away.
- Verified Meineke Customer
It was just an oil change. The front desk guys were nice and friendly. The mechanic did the job.
- Verified Meineke Customer
I don't know the name of the man who was at the desk and got my service lined up for the work on my car but he was very pleasant and smiling and efficient.
- Joyce K.
I was traveling and I needed a battery. I saw the Meineke store near my lodging and so I stopped in. They had the battery I needed and they installed it quickly and efficiently.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The people were nice but the over the top effort to up sell was too much. I doubt I will return. Maybe you can lessen the pressure to up sell.
- Verified Meineke Customer
The cashier is very good
- Abubakr B.
The manager was on point ( Josh or Zach I am forgeting his name at the moment just due to my Brain farts) but he was knowledgable he greeted me by name - He walked me thru the repairs and put his best man on the job. He worked into the night to get my car fixed and out back on the road - the shop closes at 6pm but I got my car back at 10pm. They were great and I was able to drive my car for work for LYFT and Postmates the next day. I appreciacated everything they did for me and my car. I will be back
- Klayton R.
I at first went in for the Mother's Day Oil change special. Which I would like to thank you for, I thought it was very considerate for us Mothers. A couple of days later my check engine light came on so I took it back to make sure nothing had gone wrong with my oil change. They were very polite over the phone and said to bring it back and they would check it. As it turned out it was my thermostat and so I had that changed and my radiator flushed. I was happy to give them the business because they seemed knowledgeable and were extremely helpful and courteous. I am moving in a couple of weeks to CA and I am going to take my car back in at their suggestion to make sure everything is ready to make the 11 hour trip.
- Dolores G.
I originally went in for an oil change and asked to have my transmission fluids checked because I had been told before that I would probably need them flushed soon by a couple of shops that I didn't have entirely great experiences with recently. I was told that my fluid is differant than most fluids in color, and that I should take it to the dealer to have it tested. I super appreciated this honesty and the in depth explanation I was given (and shown on my own car) of everything that needed to be taken care of. My oil was changed and my battery cleaned up insanely quickly for there only being two guys in the shop and other customers at the time. I very much appreciated the professionalism but also the light heartedness of this visit. I left feeling more knowledgable and comfortable with my vehicle. I've told several people about this experience already and plan on recommending these guys to anyone I know looking for services. Thank you again.
- Angela N.
I went in on Wednesday and explained my situation. The guy was very upfront and told me he won't be able to get to me and to come back tomorrow. The guy the next morning was amazing as well. Everyone was friendly and they worked hard and fast to fix my AC.
- Lisa Marie T.
I was really pleased with the service, and how thoroughly the service man explained what needed to be done and what I could hold off until a future date.
- Verified Meineke Customer
Ive been going to this Meineke for years. Only people I trust with my cars. Randy is the best, honest and reliable
- Diane L.

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