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In today’s economy, investing in a growing industry is essential and auto repair franchise opportunities are a great route to take. As identified in the forecast model on this page, the automotive repair industry has grown significantly since 2000 and is projected to grow through 2020. This is due in part to consumers holding on to their cars for longer periods of time and increasing miles driven, which result in increased maintenance and repairs.

Coinciding with the growing automotive aftermarket, Meineke Car Care franchise has also realized positive same stores sales growth since 2009. We believe that our dedication and focus to the brand experience, along with our retail and marketing technology platform, provides our customers and franchisees with a world-class operation.

Industry Growth Chart

Auto Repair and Care is a $327 Billion Dollar Industry*

The field of auto repair has been expanding throughout the past several years as we have seen the average age of vehicles increase. In addition to keeping their cars longer, there has also been an increase in the number of cars sold each year. As consumers continue to keep their vehicles on the road longer, these vehicles are in need of more maintenance and repairs and more of the services that you can offer as a Meineke business owner!

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What Our People Are Saying

"After three decades in a single industry, I thought I was pigeonholed to a career in telecommunications, but I realized that those years created skill sets that were completely transferable to a different career opportunity. I grew up around cars with a grandfather who owned a Ford dealership, and it really developed my love for automotive. Meineke has allowed me to combine a passion and a skill set and channel that into a dream career. Now Arkansas has an automotive repair option that they can trust."

- Jim Alley, Little Rock, Arkansas