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Winning Over Customers who Have Been Burned by other Repair Shops

It’s no secret that people tend to be mistrusting of auto repair shops. Nearly every motorist you meet has a horror story about a rude, dishonest, or outright disdainful mechanic who overcharged them for subpar work. As such, it’s no wonder most people are on their guard when visiting an auto repair franchise for the first time. When dealing with customers who have been burned by other repair shops, the following tips are sure to help brighten their spirits when visiting your center.

Listen to their Concerns

Some mechanics at an auto repair franchise couldn’t care less about client input. If they’re convinced they know what the issue is, anything the customer has to add is likely to fall on deaf ears. However, taking the time to hear clients out can ultimately provide your mechanics with a better understanding of what’s causing their automotive issue(s). Furthermore, it prevents customers from feeling completely shut out of the repair process.

Keep Them Aware of Your Findings

Keeping clients fully in the know is an important tenant of a good auto repair franchise. Instead of springing a plethora of surprise charges on them, take care to keep them informed every step of the way. This ensures that they know exactly what they’re being charged for, as well as why certain procedures are necessary.

Let Them Know You Value Their Business

Showing customers how much their business is appreciated is a great way to keep them coming back again. When handing them their keys, make sure to thank them for their patronage and whenever possible, pass on a few money-saving coupons.

Winning over a scorned client can be a tall order to fill. If he or she has been lied to or overcharged by other mechanics in the past, they’re probably wary of trusting other automotive professionals. Fortunately, listening to your clients, keeping them informed, and showing them the appreciation they deserve can help undo the damage caused by another auto repair franchise.

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