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Why You Should Get into the Car Care Business Now!

While there’s never a truly bad time to throw your hat into the automotive game, now is an exceptional time to do so! Even if you have little to no experience working with vehicles, a passion for customer service and good business acumen are all you’ll need to join the family of Meineke auto repair franchises.

As one of the country’s most respected names in automotive repair and maintenance, Meineke has helped facilitate countless business and franchisee success stories. If you have any reservations about entering the auto business, it would be wise to consider the following factors.

Immense Growth

It’s no wonder the Meineke auto repair franchises are perpetually busy! Between 2012 and 2014, new vehicle sales in the United States topped 16 million. Additionally, the number of vehicles aged five years and older is also projected to grow by over 40 percent within the next few years. Once automobiles reach the five-year mark, most will then require far more regular maintenance than they did in their “younger” days – meaning big money and more business for those operating one of our auto repair franchises!

Stable Demand

The vast majority of American households own at least one vehicle. Each of these vehicles is in need of regular oil changes, engine checks, and tire inspections as well as periodic tire rotations, component replacements, and the occasional large-scale repairs. When people describe automotive maintenance as a service everyone needs, they’re not exaggerating. Owning one of our auto repair franchises is a sure way to receive constant business and financial stability for you and your family.

Increased Vehicle Numbers

By 2017, analysts predict that there will be over 260 million cars on the road. Even if the vehicles in your city or township only represent a small percentage of that figure, there’s still a substantial amount of money to be made due to the increase in vehicle production and purchase.

Even in the worst financial times, the demand for automotive maintenance hasn’t waned. People are always going to have a need for auto repair and maintenance and our Meineke auto repair franchises are the perfect way to bring that service to your community!