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Why there’s never a Bad Time to get into the Car Care Industry

When looking for business opportunities to invest in, most people want a sure thing. Unfortunately in today’s economy, certainty has become a dwindling commodity. As any experienced investor can confirm,” sure things” are now few and far between. However, despite the problems plaguing other industries, automotive maintenance remains highly profitable and recession resistant. If you’ve been thinking about putting your money into a Meineke Car Care franchise, the following advantages may help guide your decision.

Consistent Demand

With at least 90 percent of American households owning one or more vehicles, there’s no shortage of demand for automotive maintenance. Even in major metropolitan areas with efficient, easy-to-access public transport most residents still own a car. Needless to say, all of these cars are going to require maintenance at some point, whether it’s a routine oil change or large-scale repair. This means no matter where you open a Meineke Car Care Center, you stand to make a very handsome profit.

Growing Demand

Vehicles will age overtime, which causes them to require more and more maintenance. Once most cars reach the five-year mark, they start needing more attention – meaning more business for your Meineke Car Care Center. Over the next few years, the number of older cars on the road is expected to grow by 41 percent, so there are abundant business and income opportunities for Meineke franchisees.

Repeat Business

People tend to be very loyal to an auto repair center that treats them right – more so than with other types of businesses. Your Meineke Car Care Center will offer first-rate customer service, spot-on maintenance and reasonable prices, so you can expect a sizable amount of first-time customers to become regular clients.

Automotive maintenance is one of the few industries that become consistently more profitable as time wears on. Whereas other industries ebb, flow, and eventually stagnate, the demand for car care and repair continues to grow. If you’re still on the fence about joining the Meineke Car Care family, you can take solace in the fact that your initial investment stands to generate a considerable amount of annual income and fulfilling business for you and your employees.