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The Value in Owning a Meineke Auto Care Franchise

Before you become a Meineke auto care franchise owner, it is important to understand our business model and the value a Meineke franchise can have. With high brand recognition and a vast range of available services, Meineke auto care centers are a wonderful working opportunity for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. With the automotive trend so strong and the constant demand for car services, a Meineke franchise owner can reap all the benefits of this industry, whether they have auto experience or not.

Even if you’ve never worked on a car in your life, we provide all prospective franchise owners with an effective training plan to get you up to speed on running your own business through us. Meineke auto care centers offer comprehensive training and support on both the technical and management aspect of running an auto franchise. You’ll have access to our very own online intranet, software support, and so much more!

The goal of any Meineke auto care franchise is to take our customers minds off of any issues they’re experiencing with their cars. Since 1972, our brand has been doing just that and has developed into a great opportunity for prospective business owners within the auto industry. Below is an example of our earning potential. All numbers are from 2015 reports.

Average Meineke Center Sales: $712,862*

  • Cost of Goods Sold: $185,509*
  • Direct Labor: $132,307*
  • Variable Expenses: $33,252*
  • Fixed Expenses: $100,805*
  • Royalties: $36,402*

*Average gross revenue of $712,862 is based on the 2015 average gross revenue for Meineke centers that met the following criteria: (a) opened for more than 2 years as of December 26, 2015; (b) have a 3 star or higher rating, as describe in the FDD; (c) operate 6 bays; and (d) reported gross revenue information. Of those 178 centers, 70 centers (or 39% of the centers that meet the criteria) met or exceeded the gross revenue average. These centers represent 178 of all 646 Meineke centers open for 2 years as of December 26, 2015 and who reported gross revenue information. The average gross revenue of all 646 Meineke centers that were open forat least 2 years as of December 26, 2015 is $616,894. Of these 646 Meineke centers, 266 (41%) met or exceeded the average gross revenues. There is no assurance you will do as well. See Item 19 of our FDD for further details.

Through Meineke’s strong brand recognition and presence, our name is already embedded within a customer’s mind. Starting off with a brand that has loyal and trusting customers wins the competition and protects your location and territory. We have adapted our Meineke auto care franchises to fit the one-stop model that consumers desire, so you’ll win over business by offering a multitude of different services. If you’re interested in running your own Meineke franchise, call us today at 888-918-4522.

As proof of our exceptional business model, Meineke has repeatedly been recognized by the following:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500
  • VetFran Initiative
  • Franchise Times Top 200 Franchise systems
  • Forbes Top 20 Franchises for the Money
  • World Franchising Top Franchises
  • Franchise Direct Global Award