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Meineke shop's front

The Perks of Becoming a Meineke Franchisee

If you’ve been kicking around the idea of becoming a franchisee, consider the perks of throwing your support behind Meineke.

No Automotive Experience Required

You don’t need to be a lifelong gear-head to be a great franchise owner. As far as Meineke is concerned, enthusiasm for the brand trumps experience in the automotive industry. Even if you’re not overly familiar with how automotive franchises operate, the company will be glad to show you the ropes. Meineke’s intensive two-week training program for new franchisees should be enough to bring you up to speed on how things work.

Convenient Funding Options

In order for your franchise to operate, you’ll need to lease an assortment of heavy-duty machinery. To this end, Meineke is happy to educate new owners on the ins and outs of obtaining SBA loans. As an added bonus, being a franchisee enables your Car Care Center to purchase automotive components at incredibly low vendor-exclusive prices.

Incentive to Expand

Meineke offers franchisees tremendous incentive to become multi-shop owners. These perks include reduced operating and licensing costs, as well as low royalty fees.

Automotive franchises are big moneymakers, regardless of where they happen to be based. This is particularly true in the case of Meineke Car Care Centers. With so much to offer both franchise owners and loyal customers, it’s no wonder Meineke is one of the car care world’s most enduring brands.