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The Biggest Mistakes That Oil Change Franchise Owners Make in Their First Year

There are a lot of great reasons why opening an auto and oil change franchise is a fantastic business idea. You will have the freedom of operating your own business and you’ll have the opportunity to make significant profits with the proper managerial skills. Oil changes and other auto services are something that every driver needs and you can do really well in the industry if you make the right preliminary decisions.

Though you don’t need to be an auto expert to open your own Meineke auto and oil change franchise, if you don’t make the right choices when starting out, your business will very likely go under and surviving the first year in business is something that can be difficult for those who have never run an auto and oil change franchise before. If you want your business to succeed, there are some important mistakes that you should work towards avoiding.

Not Getting Training

Opening up an auto and oil change franchise takes a whole lot of planning and strategy and it’s not something that you should just pick up as you go along. While you can open up the franchise and deal with the challenges as they arise, you’ll need to have a firm understanding of your business strategy, your marketing plan, your customer demographics, and much more if you want to be in business for many years. Don’t back yourself into a corner by running a franchise without help. When you become a Meineke franchisee you are required to attend training before your grand opening so that you are geared for success as soon as your doors open. Additionally, Meineke offers a variety of online training courses to constantly keep franchisees informed and utilizing best practices.

Arm Yourself with Business Knowledge

Even if you’re an auto expert, you still need to know how to get customers in the door. You should also be trained to run the day-to-day affairs of the business, manage your inventory, train your employees with salesmanship skills, etc. In order to run a successful Meineke oil change franchise, it’s important to invest the time into gaining more knowledge surrounding successful business ownership. Be a part of Meineke today and utilize all of our available resources to truly skyrocket your new franchise location to success.