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Meineke Provides Your Franchise with Continuous Training and Support

The training doesn’t stop there from the day your Meineke franchise opens its doors.  No matter if this is your first Meineke Franchise, or you manage a few other automotive franchises, we will be sure to provide you with ongoing field training so that every franchisee maintains their strong connection and belief in the organization.  Here is some of the on-going training and support that we offer.

Ongoing Training

While you are adding to your experience and expertise in the field, we offer ongoing and in-center franchise training for all owners of Meineke Franchises. As a part of our ongoing training program, franchise owners are invited to bi-annual conventions and periodic training concerning car repair.

Opening Support

Opening a new franchise is an exciting time as a new Meineke owner.  We want to make sure you have a successful opening of your automotive shop.  Meineke Franchise owners that are approaching their opening dates will receive help with startup necessities.

Operations Support

From your franchise grand opening, to day-to-day operations of multiple automotive franchises within our company, our team of Franchise Business Consultants will be there to support you and help you deliver great, consistent service to your customers.

Funding Options

Meineke helps you learn about various funding options such as SBA loans, leasing the equipment you need, and other matters in financing. We work to lower your barriers to entry and help you identify financing.

Meineke’s Online Intranet

You and your staff will receive access for more than 70 online courses that will equip you with information and training in your field of expertise. Our online Intranet is an exclusive resource as it is only available to Meineke staff, employees, and franchise owners.

Software Support

As a part of our technology platform, every franchisee is given our proprietary software system to manage their business, control marketing for their franchise, and order products for their inventory.

Every franchisee is given all of the tools they need to succeed in operating your own car care center.  You don’t need automotive experience to be successful when you get our franchise training.  We make sure our franchisees and employees are well-equipped for long term success as partners of Meineke with our extended franchise support and training.