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How to Sell the Services of Your Auto Repair Franchise

Once you’ve become the new owner of a Meineke auto repair franchise, your next step is to start bringing in business! In order to bring in new customers when you’re first starting out, you’re going to need to put in the extra work to attract them to your auto repair franchise instead of the one down the road. We’ve listed 3 key things you should be doing to get business through your doors and money in your wallet.

  1. Bringing in New Customers

As a new auto repair franchise in your location, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to draw people to your business. Auto repair service is a community-based business, which means word of mouth is your best bet of getting new customers. By involving yourself and your business in community events such as fundraisers, charitable events, car care clinics, and social media you’ll be able to reach a variety of different people while getting yourself in front of your customers in person.

  1. Get the Right Employees and Training

When hiring mechanics for your Meineke auto repair franchise, you need to look at far more than just an individual’s car knowledge. Their attitude and ethics are just as important as their skills and even though you may have the best mechanic in town working for you, your business will suffer if they are rude and unpleasant to customers. Though auto experience is not necessary to own a Meineke franchise, investing in training for yourself and employees can be immensely beneficial to your business. The more knowledge you have, the more confident you can be when discussing maintenance and repairs with your customers.

  1. Answer Those Phones!

First-time callers are crucial to your business’s success and generating that list of customers when your auto repair franchise is still new. Many callers asking for a price are also looking for a conversation about what is happening with their vehicle and not just a standard quote for standard services. By knowing this, you can take each phone call with care and make these first-time callers feel comfortable, understood, and confident in leaving their precious car in your hands.