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How Meineke Supports Its Franchisees

Automotive maintenance is a very profitable field. Since nearly 90 percent of American households own at least one vehicle, car care centers can attract copious amounts of business, regardless of where they happen to be based. If you’ve been playing with the idea of opening an auto repair business, a Meineke franchise should be right up your alley. As you’ll find, this celebrated company goes above and beyond to see its franchisees succeed.

Real Estate Selection

Location plays a large role in determining the success of auto repair franchises. As such, Meineke is happy to mobilize its extensive network of real estate brokers to assist you in choosing the right site for your franchise. Additionally, the company’s in-house franchisee support team will expertly walk you through the development process.

Advertising Assistance

Before your franchise can truly take off, you’ll need to spread the word throughout your city or township. Fortunately, with the help of Meineke’s comprehensive advertising and marketing program, this should be a piece of cake. This program encompasses television, radio and newspaper ad buys, as well as monthly direct mailers. As an added bonus, the company’s in-house creative team is able to assist franchise owners with locally-focused marketing endeavors at no additional charge.

Automotive Training

You don’t have to be a lifelong automotive enthusiast to be a Meineke franchisee — a commitment to providing stellar customer service and attracting repeat business is plenty. Even so, the training program Meineke offers to all new franchisees will provide you with the basic automotive knowledge you’ll need to succeed in the car care industry.

When investing in a Meineke franchise, you can rest assured that the parent company is fully committed to your success. Whereas other corporations take a “survival of the fittest” approach and force franchisees to fend for themselves, Meineke is happy to provide assistance whenever necessary. If opening an automotive franchise is something you aspire to, there’s no better company to place your trust in.