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How Meineke Stands By Its Franchisees

Certain companies tend to release their franchisees “into the wild” and expect them to fend for themselves with no formal training or ongoing support. In other words, once the checks have cleared, franchise owners’ fates are left entirely in their own hands. Fortunately, this isn’t the way we operate a Meineke franchise. Every Meineke Car Care Center owner is a valued member of our rapidly-expanding family and we’re proud to offer them as much or as little support as they feel they require before running their business.

Training for New Owners

Being well-versed in automotive maintenance is not a prerequisite for opening a Meineke Car Care Center. However, there’s still no harm in learning the basics. This is why Meineke offers new franchisees pre-opening training as well as onsite training at their location after they open. Not only does this program teach participants about vehicle maintenance, it educates them in customer service, operations, and much more. This ensures that new Meineke Car Care Center owners are prepared for success from day one.

Financing Assistance

If a franchisee needs help with financing, Meineke works with third party vendors to provide assistance. We do our best to ensure that all Meineke Car Care Center owners understand all the financial requirements for operating a franchise so they can become successful in their endeavor.

Operations Support

Each franchise location has an assigned, dedicated operations representative. These professionals are there to answer any questions you may have about your current operations and to help monitor and guide you toward success as a Meineke franchisee.

At Meineke, we pride ourselves on standing by our franchisees. Whereas other companies make franchise owners feel disconnected, we make a point of maintaining contact and providing support. By training our new owners and providing them with ongoing assistance, Meineke ensures that franchisees feel confident and secure in their new Meineke Car Care Center.