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Hiring the Right Mechanics for Your Meineke Franchise

A Meineke franchise is only as good as its crewmembers — and few crewmembers are as vital to your success as mechanics. The ability to diagnose and repair a myriad of automotive issues in a timely manner makes these skilled individuals valuable assets to both your customers and your franchise. That being the case, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when searching for the right mechanics. In the quest to land the automotive world’s cream of the crop, take the following factors into consideration.

Enviable Experience

Any mechanic you hire should have extensive experience servicing automobiles. Not only should they have prior auto repair franchise experience, this experience should include diagnosing and repairing an impressive assortment of vehicles.

Incredible Diagnostic Skills

Since mechanics are essentially doctors for vehicles, it’s important that they be able to promptly identify an extensive range of automotive health problems. For many skilled mechanics, this process is two-fold. In addition to using the proper diagnostic tools, a good mechanic will apply his or her experience when making a definitive diagnosis — like many of the best doctors.

Fantastic People Skills

Despite the valuable services they perform, many motorists hate dealing with mechanics. Frankly, it’s hard to blame them, as a number of mechanics have a habit of talking down to clients and offering curt, glib responses to any questions they’re asked. You can nip potential customer service issues in the bud by hiring personable mechanics with a knack for friendly customer relations.

Hiring unskilled, inexperienced, or unpleasant mechanics is liable to have far-reaching consequences for your franchise. Motorists have a wide selection of automotive franchises to choose from, and if your mechanics aren’t up to snuff, many motorists won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere. To ensure customer satisfaction and