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Getting the Most out of the Meineke Franchisee Experience

Meineke prides itself on providing franchisees with assistance whenever needed. As one of the country’s foremost names in automotive maintenance, Meineke’s franchise owners are some of the happiest in the business. New franchisees who are eager to get the most out of the Meineke experience are highly recommended to partake in the following.

Take Part in On-Site Training

Before declaring your Meineke Car Care Center open for business, you will be required to take part in the hands-on training courses we provide to all new franchisees. Held on-site at our North Carolina facilities, these informative courses will bring you up to speed on common automotive terminology, effective customer service, and money management. If you’ve never worked in automotive maintenance or owned a business, you’re sure to learn a great deal from this training.

Take Advantage of Our Site Selection Services

At Meineke, we’re fully committed to the success and prosperity of our franchisees. Whereas other automotive franchises allow owners to congest local markets, Meineke doesn’t allow franchisees to infringe on one another’s territory. As such, we offer site selection assistance to all new owners. Our in-house real estate experts will put their all into finding a profitable location for your Meineke Car Care Center. Additionally, if you have your heart set on a certain site, our team can prove useful in helping you secure it.

Stay Current With Our Training Materials

The learning experience doesn’t end once your franchise opens its doors. To ensure that owners, mechanics and other franchise employees stay in the know, Meineke is constantly updating its manuals and training materials. Furthermore, our online business planning tool can help both new and established franchises get their finances in order.

When you invest in a franchise, you become a valued member of the Meineke Car Care family. Not only will we meticulously guide you through the opening process, we’ll do everything in our power to help your store succeed.