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A Look inside our Meineke Car Care Services

When customers visit your Meineke car care center, they may be first time drivers or have never been to one of our franchises before. As a franchise owner, it is important to not only know all of the services we provide, but to also be able to explain them to everyone who walks through your door. Below, we’ve listed 4 of our main Meineke car care services, what they are, and why they’re needed.

  1. Oil Change

Oil absorbs heat while lubricating the engine, which allows the internal parts to work effectively without overheating. That oil will eventually break down and wear out, which can end up causing some serious problems if it’s not taken care of quickly. All of our Meineke car care centers provide oil changing services and it’s recommended that customers have their oil changed around ever 3,000-5,000 miles.

  1. Exhaust and Muffler Maintenance

The exhaust system in your car prevents toxic fumes from being released in to the cabin while working to keep your engine running properly. Our Meineke car care experts are exhaust and muffler magicians and helping customers understand this important system can help them identify issues before they bring their vehicle in. Vibrations, an increase in exhaust volume, and decreases in fuel efficiency are all signs that there is something wrong with a car’s muffler.

  1. Brake Services

Without brakes, everyone would be crashing into each other and cars wouldn’t be considered safe at all. Keeping your brakes well maintained can make all the difference in your safety and our Meineke car care centers offer a variety of related services. We offer a full 23-point inspection for brakes and will provide cost-effective solutions to getting our customers’ vehicles back in working order.

  1. Tires and Wheels

If a car’s tires aren’t maintained on a regular basis, drivers may experience flats, blowouts, or worse. Meineke offers only the best tires and tire services to our customers and our experts will provide tire alignment, rotation, and protection. Tire rotation helps ensure the tires wear evenly and should be performed every 6,000-8,000 miles.