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3 Ways Meineke Supports Its Franchisees

Opening a franchise represents a huge financial risk to many people. In light of how unsupportive many large corporations are of individual franchisees, an apprehension to pursue franchise ownership is perfectly understandable. Conversely, Meineke is sure to serve as a breath of fresh air for independent shop owners or individuals who are wary of aligning with a franchise partner. As a company that’s directly invested in the success of its franchisees, Meineke provides abundant support to owners of both its fledgling and long-term automotive franchises.

  1. Early Assistance

If this is your first foray into franchise ownership, don’t fret – Meineke has your back. Even before your car care center opens its doors, the parent company will provide ample assistance in securing a business loan, scouting out prime locations, and training qualified staff members for all automotive franchises in the Meineke name. In order to bring new franchise owners up to speed, the company also offers a convenient hands-on training program at our North Carolina facilities.

  1. Training

Unlike other automotive franchises, Meineke is happy to provide franchisees and their employees with on-going training. In addition to receiving hands-on training as new franchisees, all franchise owners are given special access to a slew of top-notch, online training assests.

  1. Marketing Support

As a franchise owner, you’ll have an assigned marketing manager to help promote your specific location(s). These managers will work with you to streamline everything from grand opening support to overall center awareness through specific marketing initiatives.

Meineke prides itself on providing its franchisees with extensive support offerings, most of which are not provided by other automotive franchises. Intent on providing the best possible experience, Meineke is proud to offer across-the-board assistance, continuous training, and marketing support to all franchisees.