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How to Take Advantage of our Online Franchise Training

Not all companies place much importance on offline or online franchise training and as a result, many new franchise owners find themselves struggling through their first year. When the new franchisee and their employees are learning their positions while on the job, this can cause staff members to be unprepared while on the clock, resulting in unhappy customers. In the interest of avoiding this scenario at our car care centers, Meineke provides franchise owners with abundant training in advance of their big opening day.

  1. Franchise Training Program

To ensure that you’re able to hit the ground running on opening day, we provide our franchisees with a highly informative two week training program. Throughout this comprehensive course, you’ll learn the rudiments of good customer service, the basics of automotive maintenance, and how to handle day-to-day operations at your franchise. Upon completing this program, you’ll possess the skills and knowledge needed to make your car care center a success.

  1. Online Training

Meineke is also proud to provide owners and employees with an informative assortment of online franchise training courses. As a franchisee, you and your staff will have free access to over 700 courses via our company’s intranet. If there’s a particular area in which you or any one on your staff could stand to improve, odds are you can find the proper training your staff needs in the online franchise training course materials.

  1. Software Support

Before declaring your store open for business, it’s important that you know your way around our company’s intranet and sales software. For this reason, our online franchise training will walk you through both the basics and finer points of the more technological aspects of your new job.

When your franchise opens its doors, we want you to be ready and fully confident in your ability to run the shop. As such, we provide franchisees with comprehensive online franchise training in the weeks and months leading up to opening day. For more information on how to open up a Meineke franchise in your area, visit our website at or contact us at 888-918-4522 today.