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Why Meineke Franchise Ownership Is Perfect for Families

April 17, 2016by Meineke

Raising a family has become more expensive than ever. As a family expands, it becomes increasingly difficult for the heads of the household to comfortably afford clothing, food, and leisure items. While having a high-paying job certainly helps in this regard, such careers usually leave people with precious little time for their loved ones. If you’re on the hunt for a career that will provide for your family without leaving you thoroughly overworked, consider the benefits of Meineke franchise ownership.

Abundant Moneymaking Opportunities

Auto repair and maintenance are always in high demand. With over 90 percent of U.S. households owning at least one vehicle, a Meineke auto repair franchise is likely to receive a steady stream of business, no matter where it happens to be based. These days, the respective futures of many industries are disturbingly uncertain — but automotive maintenance is something that people are always going to need.

Room for Growth

The average Meineke Car Care Center generates an average of $700,035* in gross sales on an annual basis. If you decide to branch out and open multiple franchises, your take-home pay will increase exponentially, thus heightening your family’s financial security. Franchisee ownership can dramatically increase your crew’s standard of living and set the stage for long-term financial prosperity.

Plenty of Time for Your Loved Ones

As a Meineke franchise owner, you’ll essentially be your own boss. Provided you hire reliable managers and mechanics, you should be able to confidently leave the shop in their hands when it comes time to clock out. This will free you up to spend plenty of afternoons, evenings, and weekends with your nearest and dearest.

Supporting your family is your first priority. Unfortunately, many employers don’t realize this or simply don’t care. Conversely, Meineke caters to franchisees who have families to care for. Anyone interested in increasing their net worth without sacrificing time with their loved ones should contact Meineke on the double!

* Please see item 19 of our FDD for more details

Why Meineke Franchise Ownership Is Perfect for Families