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What People Don’t Like About Traditional Auto Shops

May 15, 2016by Meineke

You’d be hard pressed to find a motorist who doesn’t dread taking their vehicle into the repair shop. In light of all the hassles associated with these establishments, it isn’t difficult to see why they’re held in such low regard. When people feel as if they’re being misled or taken advantage of, they’re liable to form an antagonistic view of a business. Each day, Meineke Car Care Centers distinguish themselves from traditional auto shops by steering clear of the following shortcomings.

Poor Customer Service

Many car owners hate dealing with mechanics. Whether or not they’re making a conscious effort to be dismissive, many of the mechanics found at traditional auto repair franchises have a habit of talking down to clients and adopting disdainful attitudes. They’re particularly resentful of being asked to explain the rationale behind certain repairs.

Overcharging for Services

Exorbitant fees are arguably the primary reason people hate car repairs. If it’s apparent that a client doesn’t know much about automobiles, a number of repair shops won’t hesitate to perform a litany of unnecessary maintenance procedures and charge inflated prices. This is why many people are constantly on-guard when visiting repair shops.

Long Wait Times

Some people cannot afford to be without a vehicle for an extended period of time. This is particularly true for people who live outside of major metropolitan areas and don’t have access to reliable public transit. Unfortunately, some repair shops will repeatedly ignore quoted deadlines and leave completion dates up in the air.

Having your vehicle serviced shouldn’t be cause for dread. Additionally, car owners shouldn’t have to worry about price-gouging and surprise fees when taking their vehicles in for repairs or maintenance. At Meineke, we are constantly working to improve transparency for our customers. Building trust and growing long lasting relationships are standards we are proud to set. For information on how to start your own auto repair franchise, visit today.

What People Don’t Like About Traditional Auto Shops