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Understanding What Gas Type Your Car Needs, Pt. 1

August 2, 2016by Meineke

When it’s time to fill up our tanks, we more often than not go for the cheapest gas available, Unleaded 87. Where many older cars are built to handle this grittier fuel, is that really what you should be putting into your car? There are 4 main gas types available at nearly all gas stations: regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel and understanding which is meant to go in your car as well as what type your car will benefit the most from, can help you get the best gas mileage and operating efficiency in the long run.

Regular: Before you fuel up your car, it is important to check and see what type of gas is required or recommended. If it says you’re good to use regular unleaded gas, then putting mid-grade or premium in your car will just be a waste of money and won’t make much of a noticeable difference as to how your car runs with higher grades. If you’re unsure on if your car should or could run on regular fuel, you can always bring your vehicle to a Meineke auto care shop and we’ll help you determine what’s best.

Mid-Grade: Many sports vehicles and high performance cars can benefit from the higher octane found in mid-grade fuel. As long as your vehicle’s label says “premium fuel recommended” instead of “premium fuel required”, you have a bit of wiggle room when it comes to what gas type you can put in your car. Even though you have some clearance to put the cheaper, regular fuel into your tank, if your car still recommends premium but you’re stretched for cash, mid-grade is a slightly less costly option that will still help your car function at its best.

Understanding What Gas Type Your Car Needs, Pt. 1