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Owning an Automotive Franchise and What Training You Need

September 4, 2015by Meineke

Starting your own automotive franchise is most certainly worth the hard work and time it

takes to run a business, but requires basic skills and knowledge before you begin. Meineke Car Care Centers gives you the tools you need to properly operate and own your Meineke franchise before you start in a variety of different training sessions and programs. Here are some of the different benefits of our unique and comprehensive training program:

Initial Training Period – Before you open your first automotive franchise with Meineke, we give you a two-and-a-half week long training program. This thorough program gives you important management skills, programs, technical and equipment training you need to begin business.

On-going support – We know at Meineke that training is important, but constant education and knowledge is the key to fully operating your first automotive franchise. That’s why we offer a variety of different support programs that help you better your business, as well as help to educate employees on important industry updates. From our marketing support which spans on local and national level, to our protected territory agreement so you do not have to compete with other Meineke franchises, we’re there for you throughout the whole process.

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Owning an Automotive Franchise and What Training You Need