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Our Process for Owning an Auto Franchise

September 4, 2015by Meineke

When you’re looking to start your own auto franchise location through Meineke, there’s a

few steps you need to take to ensure you’re the right fit to own a business. All of our potential franchisees go through a process of specific guidelines and steps to make sure that you’re ready to take the leap into business ownership. Here are some of the ways in which we help you decide if Meineke is right for you.

Our initial application process is as follows:

  • The potential franchisee submits the Meineke Preliminary Discover Questionnaire, which helps us find out more about why you’d choose Meineke
  • The potential franchisee receives a Preliminary Approval
  • Next, the potential franchisee reviews the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Trademark Agreement (FTA)
  • The potential franchisee then attends the Meineke Presentation and Discussion to learn more about the company, brand, and franchise terms
  • Meineke continue Due Diligence to further look into if this is a good fit for the potential franchisee
  • The potential franchisee receives Final Approval on opening their own location
  • If, within four to eight weeks, we mutually agree that owning a Meineke Car Care Center is right for both the person and Meineke, they then sign the FTA and purchase a license.

Looking to learn more about what the next steps are for opening an auto franchise through Meineke? Visit us today at!

Our Process for Owning an Auto Franchise