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How to Change Your Oil

July 20, 2016by Meineke

Oil is one of the most vital things to keeping your car running smoothly at all times. Checking and changing it regularly can help prevent engine damage and failure, though many people do not know how to do these tasks on their own. Changing your oil is a very simple task once you understand how to do it properly and can save you time and money when you’re unable to bring the care into one of the Meineke car care centers.

  1. You’ll first want to unscrew and pull out the plug to your oil tank. Be sure to pull it quickly and away from the oil stream, and then clean it.
  2. Remove and change the oil filter. Make sure the rubber gasket comes with it or remove it separately. It’s important to not skimp out on buying a new filter, as each one is not made the same. Refer to your owner’s manual to figure out exactly what filter specs your vehicle requires.
  3. Add the new oil to your car. Use a funnel to refill the engine, being careful not to spill any outside of the funnel and recycle the bottle. Make sure you have the correct type of oil your car needs, especially if you are a new car owner or have never bothered with the oil yourself.
  4. Run the engine until the oil light goes out. Wait a few minutes and then check the dipstick to see if you need to add more or are good to go. If the option is available to you, recycle the old oil.

The whole process of changing your oil should only take about 20 minutes or less and knowing how to do so is a skill every car owner should have. Be sure to stop by one of your local Meineke car care centers for your entire auto servicing needs.

How to Change Your Oil