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Even More Basic Fall Car Care Tips

October 13, 2016by Meineke

Car Care Month is far from over and those of us at Meineke want to make sure your vehicle is in prime condition before the colder months hit. Read below for even more car care tips to prepare your automobile for fall and winter weather.

  • Make sure your engine is functioning properly. Check to see if it’s providing the best balance of power and fuel as well as producing the lowest amount of emissions.
  • Check your car’s HVAC system. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning are important factors all year round, but as the temperatures drop you want to make sure your defrost and internal heat is in optimal condition.
  • Be sure that your steering system has been tuned up. This includes shock absorbers, struts, chassis parts, and other components of the steering and suspension system.
  • Check your tires! Tires are one of the most important parts of your car and if they are very worn or bald, your traction on icy roads greatly decreases.
  • Replace wipers and light bulbs if needed. Lights are extremely important, especially in less than favorable weather conditions. It’s also a good idea to replace your windshield wipers should they be old, frayed, or damaged.

The Meineke brand strives to provide optimal car care service and repairs all year round. If you’re interested in becoming a business owner through our company, visit for more information.

Even More Basic Fall Car Care Tips